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There is no industry tougher than construction

Construction companies face a challenging economy, increasing competition, significant risk, and financing challenges. And that doesn’t even scratch the surface. Your day includes subcontractor negotiations, equipment cost control, project management, and labor issues.

To survive, construction professionals must be savvy and resilient. But to thrive, you need an accounting firm with the skill to support your goals, and the experience to help you expand your opportunities. Welcome to Clark Schaefer Hackett, a firm that will go the extra mile for you.

Our Construction Industry Group will provide a blueprint for improving and growing your company. For several decades our advisement of the area’s most prominent construction companies has resulted in higher profits, efficient operations, attractive taxing situations, and – when needed – beneficial mergers, acquisitions, and ownership transfers.

Weathering Disputes

We’ve got your back. We can assist you, your attorney and sureties in difficult situations: construction contract disputes, claims, litigation, and even surety default. We’ll provide forensic accounting, expert testimony, schedule and delay analysis, as well as audited data or financial statements. Your CSH team will be a strong and steady resource as you weather any storm.

Making the Most of Your Life’s Work

You’ve built more than a few structures, you’ve built a business. When it’s time to acquire another company, merge with a peer business, sell the organization, or transfer it to the next generation, we have the resources to make it happen. As trusted advisors to privately held businesses across the region, we are experts in M & A transactions and succession planning. Certified business valuators will determine organizational worth. Skilled tax professionals will structure a tax-efficient transaction.

Maximizing Your Performance

Good business decisions are based on a clear understanding of your company’s finances. We’ll help assess your financial picture, and together set expectations for growth. But we’ll also strategize operational changes that can make that picture prettier, including increasing your surety capacity. Our group is well recognized in the construction industry and we’ve built collaborative relationships with underwriters and financial institutions that you can benefit from.

Financial services include:

    • Tailored assurance services: financial statements, audits, reviews & compilations
    • Advisement on financing strategies, including attracting capital and evaluating loan proposals
    • Analysis of leasing and rental options
    • Cash flow analysis and budgeting
    • Prequalification filings and cost certifications
    • Review and implementation of internal control and cost accounting procedures
    • Advisement on business opportunities, managing financial risk, and planning for long-term financial success

Managing Your Organization, and Your Operations

To stay on top of your game, you should constantly evaluate operations and look for improvement opportunities. Our experience in the construction industry has taught us which processes and systems work. We will be your resource for best practices, from corporate structure and operations, to project management. And we’ll help you measure and evaluate what is working – and what isn’t – so you can advance your business.

Our operational services include:

  • Job profitability breakdown and analysis for the purpose of increasing profit on all jobs
  • Heavy equipment rates analysis
  • Identification of your “sweet-spot” projects to help you focus your efforts
  • Benchmarking and trend analysis
  • Procedural controls integrated with construction accounting
  • Employee benefit plan administration, audit, and consulting

Minimizing Your Tax Burden

We offer a deep knowledge of the U.S. tax code, especially the unique opportunities written specifically for the construction industry. We can help you reduce the considerable business cost of taxation, while taking care of necessary reporting and compliance.

Our tax services include:

    • Local, state, and federal tax return preparation, including planning and consulting for businesses and individuals
    • Representation before taxing authorities
    • Tax credit advice, including affordable housing, historic, green, and new-market
    • Evaluation of entity structure and organizational options

Working With a Firm That Fits

Why choose CSH? Because we bring the insight and experience of a construction industry insider, while offering the fresh perspective of a business outsider.

Our clients include:

  • General contractor / construction managers
  • Specialty trade contractors
  • Highway and heavy contractors
  • Demolition contractors
  • Homebuilders
  • Architectural & engineering firms

Construction Guidance

At CSH, we’re not just accountants; we’re leaders, authors, speakers and association members. Our professionals have deep construction expertise, and share their insights for the good of our clients and the industries we serve.

Upcoming Conferences

Check back soon to see the events at which we’ll be guests, sponsors and speakers. We’d love to connect with you there.

Upcoming Webinars

Check back soon to see the events at which we’ll be guests, sponsors and speakers. We’d love to connect with you there.

How Can We Help You?

With a vast array of solutions to meet the needs of growing businesses, individuals and families, the question isn’t if we can help but how.

Construction Team

We offer best-in-class technical expertise and services, but it’s the quality of our professionals that set us apart. At CSH, relationships matter, and we believe creating supportive, helpful, working relationships is perhaps the most valuable talent we offer. How can we support you? Contact one of our team members below or explore our searchable page of all firm professionals.