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Municipal governments are facing a significant squeeze. You are tasked with managing shrinking budgets while bearing increased pressure for services. And your constituents expect accountability, adding workload to an already stretched staff. In addition to understanding and meeting compliance regulations, it’s important that you can produce clear, accurate financial information when it is requested by government officials, the media, or taxpayers.

To effectively manage your state, county, city, town or village, your priority must be efficiency, cost control, resource allocation and revenue enhancement. You need an accounting firm with strong, insider knowledge of compliance regulation. More than that, you need a team of professionals who deeply understand government and can address critical operational and financial issues.

For several decades, our advisement of governmental offices has resulted in leaner, more effective operations, optimized revenue, managed risk, and greater transparency.

The Clark Schaefer Hackett Government Services Group is one of the largest industry specialty groups in the State of Ohio. The firm has invested significant resources in developing this group, recruiting professionals with considerable experience working directly for the Auditor of State. Among regional firms, we believe our Government Services Group is without peer. The Government Services Group pools the resources and expertise of all of our offices and consists of professionals who spend 100% of their time serving governmental clients.

Clark Schaefer Hackett is a member of the American Institute of Certified Public Accountant’s Governmental Audit Quality Center. The Center’s primary purpose is to promote the importance of quality governmental audits and the value of such audits to purchasers of governmental audit services. The Center offers resources to enhance the quality of a firm’s governmental audits. Our decision to join demonstrates the firm’s commitment to audit quality in the critical area of governmental audits.

In addition to a quality audit, Clark Schaefer Hackett brings tangible benefits to our clients:

  • Experience

    Our professionals have spent their careers working within the unique aspects of governmental organizations. Your staff will not have to train our auditors. This results in less time spent on-site during the audit, which will reduce the burden on your staff.

  • Maximized Efficiency

    By utilizing professionals dedicated to the government sector, we can design our audit to provide the least amount of disruption to your staff and their day-to-day work. Our audit will be designed to promote efficiency and we will annually re-examine our audit approach for improvements.

  • Enhanced Audit Focus

    As we plan our audit, we will focus on key areas as well as potential risks. Our level of experience gives our auditors the edge in identifying key areas quickly.

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