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You need insight from your fiscal data

Many companies struggle to get the most from their financial material. If you are one of them, you’re likely missing the business-critical information that lies deep within your balance sheet, P&L and cash-flow analysis. Financial data can help you fortify your operations and drive your business success if you know how to let it. You need to refocus, look forward and create a plan for the future. You need a new viewpoint.

Look at your finances differently

CSH Viewpoint Business Solutions will employ analytics, forecasting and enhanced communication to provide your business clarity about its fiscal position. We turn financial information into business insight, which you can turn into profitability and cash flow.

  • Focus

    There’s a business story lying just beneath the surface of your balance sheet. We’ll help you uncover the narrative of your enterprise. Our evaluation will focus on cash flow, profit, costs and other key measures to find and interpret the critical path of your success.
  • Foresight

    We use forecasting tools and strategic insight to shine a light on where your business operations are headed. This illumination helps the business to realistically envision a thriving future and the steps necessary to achieve it.
  • Perspective

    CSH Viewpoint business consultants will present your financial position from a new, more relevant angle. With this clearer picture, you’ll see how yesterday’s business decisions are impacting cash flow and profitability today and into the future. More importantly, you’ll better visualize what’s needed for tomorrow’s business growth. This understanding frees your management team to be proactive rather than reactive.
  • Clarity

    When your organization understands your financial position, your management team will speak the same, clear language. Communication with your bank and stakeholders can be accurate, concise and productive. That provides the opportunity to strengthen the business relationships that you depend on for growth.

CSH Viewpoint Business Solutions will:

Integrate Financial Statement Analytics, Budgeting & Forecasting

  • Including month-to-month actuals with variances to forecast
  • Providing a tool to forecast operations for future periods and the impact of operations on the balance sheet, income statement, and cash flows of the business
  • Illustrating the impact of the business operations on the business’ line of credit by integrating the operations with the balance sheet
  • Calculating the borrowing base and financial covenants associated with the business’ debt agreements
  • Maximizing the business’ cash and line of credit availability to provide the investment needed to grow your business
  • Providing information that is critical to accurate and concise communications with key stakeholders of the business

Analyze and Maximize Profits

  • Identifying breakeven sales point based on current margins and fixed costs
  • Calculating margin on a per product or segment basis to illustrate margin drivers and look for areas of improvement
  • Using margins and early month actuals to project end of the month results
  • Offering the ability to look at appropriate inventory levels on a per item basis based on sales and seasonality
  • Reviewing the business’ operations and looking for areas of waste and potential expense reductions

Report and Communicate

  • Allowing you to benefit from your consultant’s experience, insight and participation
  • Communicating your business’ financial position clearly
  • Providing monthly and quarterly reporting packages for distribution to business’ stakeholders which includes its management team, stockholders, and bankers
  • Participating in meetings with stakeholders as requested and needed

CSH Viewpoint Guidance

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