International Business Services

Presenting a wider view of the world

International Business Services

There are cultural differences, language barriers, and currency exchanges – and that’s before we even talk about transfer pricing and IFRS. But there is also opportunity. If the world is on your doorstep, would you like a helping hand?

Our dedicated International Business Services Group provides planning and consulting to companies who do business overseas, enjoy resources produced by foreign markets, or have facilities in other countries. They also address the unique accounting needs of American subsidiaries of foreign parent companies, and the individual expatriates who make up their workforce. Our solutions are focused toward the needs and budgets of middle-market organizations and delivered by a local international team with direct experience serving clients just like you.


  • U.S. Tax Compliance
  • IRS controversy services
  • IC-DISC Consultation
  • Assistance with permanent establishment creation and avoidance
  • Foreign subsidiary planning, including subpart F
  • Expat/inpat tax planning
  • Foreign Tax Credit Planning
  • Voluntary disclosure initiatives
  • Passive Foreign Investment Company planning
  • Withholding tax planning
  • Foreign joint venture planning
  • Transfer pricing documentation analysis


  • Foreign subsidiaries
  • Foreign joint ventures
  • Conversion to US GAAP from IFRS (International Financial Reporting Standards) and other non-US GAAP standards
  • Foreign currency translation
  • Currency hedges and foreign exchange transaction
  • Foreign tax provisions
  • Reconciling and assessing auditing procedures performed under non-US standards
  • Coordinating, supervising and evaluating the work of local in-country auditors


Start here. Do business anywhere.

We bring business leaders together from around the world to deliver country-specific insights and expertise to your organization. Whether you currently operate internationally or seek new opportunities abroad, we present the latest information designed to help you achieve global growth.

Featured Countries: Brazil | Canada | Mexico

Where in the world is CSH?

Our international reach is extensive. At Clark Schaefer Hackett our services are designed for middle-market companies looking for a firm with depth, expertise, and the benefits of membership with AGN International.

Over 20 years ago we recognized that globalization was going to be the defining issue for a generation of American companies. As a result, CSH was one of the founding firms of AGN International (“AGN”), a worldwide association of separate and independent accounting and consulting firms. Today our shareholders remain actively involved in leadership of AGN.



  • Represented in 92 countries
  • 200 member firms
  • 468 offices
  • 10,700 partners & staff

AGN has rigorous criteria for admittance – only the top accounting firms are accepted. We all use a common methodology in providing clients with solutions.

“AGN is ranked as the 5th largest accounting association in the world.”

International Accounting Bulletin

International Guidance

The pace of business continues to increase. Our goal is to help keep you ahead of the pack by sharing insights, ideas and proactive guidance.

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November 18, 2015 @ 12:00 pm - 1:00 pm

How Can We Help You?

With a vast array of solutions to meet the needs of growing businesses, individuals and families, the question isn’t if we can help but how.

International Business Team

We offer best-in-class technical expertise and services, but it’s the quality of our professionals that set us apart. At CSH, relationships matter, and we believe creating supportive, helpful, working relationships is perhaps the most valuable talent we offer. How can we support you? Contact one of our team members below or explore our searchable page of all firm professionals.