Is your nonprofit ready for a raffle?

Raffles are popular fundraisers for not-for-profits. But they’re subject to strict tax rules. State laws on nonprofit-sponsored raffles can vary significantly, but nonprofits must comply with [...]

Review of Construction Contract Accounting Rules in Light of Tax Reform

One significant alteration under the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act is the change in the definition of a “small contractor.” The requirement to account for revenue and cost of revenue on long-term [...]

Depreciation-related breaks on business real estate

What you need to know when you file your 2018 return Commercial buildings and improvements generally are depreciated over 39 years, which essentially means you can deduct a portion of the cost [...]

Are you prepared for your Calendar Year 2018 audit?

For Ohio governmental entities focused on their 2018 calendar year audit, here’s a list of updated reporting requirements as well as process changes to be aware of. Auditor of State (AOS) filing [...]

2019 tax calendar

To help you make sure you don’t miss any important 2019 deadlines, we’ve provided this summary of when various tax-related forms, payments and other actions are due. Please review the calendar [...]

IRS provides QBI deduction guidance in the nick of time

When President Trump signed into law the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (TCJA) in December 2017, much was made of the dramatic cut in corporate tax rates. But the TCJA also includes a generous deduction [...]

Could “no-haggle” selling be right for your dealership?

In recent years, some dealerships have adopted a “no-haggle” or one-price model for selling vehicles. This has been in response to several factors, including greater transparency of vehicle [...]

Don’t let unemployment insurance fleece your nonprofit

Is your not-for-profit overpaying unemployment tax? Many employers are and don’t know it. Here’s how to find out and possibly reduce unemployment costs. Ensure accuracy The burden is on employers [...]

There’s still time to get substantiation for 2018 donations

If you’re like many Americans, letters from your favorite charities have been appearing in your mailbox in recent weeks acknowledging your 2018 year-end donations. But what happens if you haven’t [...]

Jon Plunkett to Lead Clark Schaefer Hackett’s Risk Management Services Group

Clark Schaefer Hackett is pleased to announce that Jon Plunkett, CPA will lead the firm’s Risk Management Services Group (RMSG). Working under the umbrella of our Financial Services Industry [...]

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