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15 Shocking Statistics Every Manufacturing HR Leader Needs to Know

November 15, 2021


Your frontline leaders are at the center of every activity in your manufacturing operation. Many businesses, however, don’t provide these leaders with the tools and resources they need to succeed. Below are 15 shocking statistics that highlight the important role frontline leaders play in the success of  your business.

Frontline Leaders are Critical to your Organization

1. Frontline managers supervise 80% of company employees in the typical organization.
2. Frontline managers represent 50-60% of a company’s leadership population.

So, why do most companies invest so little in frontline leaders’ development?

The Transition to Frontline Leader is Difficult

3. 70% of frontline managers said they were not expecting the promotion to a leadership role.
4. Only 10% of frontline leaders feel they were well prepared when they took on a leadership role.
5. 60% of frontline managers didn’t receive leadership training in their first management position.
6. Only 40% of frontline leaders love being a manager. 20% regret taking the leadership role.
7. 60% of new managers fail within the first 24 months.

Frontline Leaders Need and Want Proper Training

8. 81% of frontline supervisors say they are not satisfied with their own performance.
About 60% of frontline leaders say they want more formal training and external professional coaching than they are currently getting.
10. Only 12% of frontline leaders believe their organization currently invests sufficiently in their development of frontline managers
11. Frontline managers rate having difficult conversations, coaching, and engaging their teams as their top challenges. 

Poor Frontline Leader Performance has a Huge Impact

12. 90% of executives believe frontline managers’ lack of leadership development negatively impacts employee engagement.
13. Only 2 in 10 employees strongly agree that their performance is managed in a way that motivates them to do outstanding work.
14. 75% of people that end up quitting do so because of their manager, not their job.
15. Low employee engagement costs organizations $550 billion each year.

With so much at stake, are you investing enough in the development of your frontline leaders?

Transform your Workforce

For over 25 years, CSH has helped develop excellent frontline leaders at hundreds of top manufacturers in our region. We understand the manufacturing industry and the specific challenges your frontline leaders face. We have graduated more than 2,000 frontline leaders from our Fearless Leader course. Are you ready to help your leaders succeed as well?

Do you have frontline leaders who:

  • Haven’t achieved the same success as a leader as they had as a frontline worker?
  • Aren’t sure how to build trust within their teams?
  • Struggle with giving and receiving feedback?
  • Lack communication skills?
  • Struggle to lead effectively under pressure?
  • Aren’t comfortable working in cross-functional teams?
  • Struggle with employee retention within their teams?
  • Are constantly fighting fires and pushing aside process improvement efforts?

Contact us today for more information about our Frontline Leader Certification program. We’ll develop a plan to help your frontline leaders gain the skills they need to transform your organization.

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