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Top 5 Reasons to Use Cloud-based Data Backup

March 22, 2020


Data loss often happens when you least expect it. Human error, malicious actors and even natural disasters can wipe out – or hijack – your company’s data at any time. Recent studies show that a staggering 93% of organizations that lose data because of a disaster go out of business within two years. Still, many companies do not have an adequate backup protocol in place.

To guard against data loss, many organizations seek cloud backup solutions for fast recovery of critical enterprise data. Utilizing the cloud for data backup means that information is safely stored automatically, which reduces the operational burden of manual backups, decreases costs and strengthens disaster and business recovery protocols.

Here are the top five reasons to move to the cloud for data backup and storage:

  1. It strengthens your disaster recovery plan

Until your data is moved off-site, it will never be truly protected. Storing backup data on a server in a physical location renders it vulnerable to fire, flooding or similar disasters. By using the cloud, your data is automatically transferred to a well-managed location that is more secure than your own data center.

  1. It quickly restores data

Data loss can have devastating consequences on your business, including lost revenue, lost productivity and (perhaps most importantly) loss of customer trust. Cloud backup solutions offer the immediate backup of your organization’s data. This means that when a cyberattack occurs or disaster strikes, you can restore your data quickly and keep your business running.

  1. It minimizes downtime

Data protection is not a one-time event. It’s an ongoing system of complex interconnected processes. Cloud solutions ensure that these processes run smoothly, which minimizes the risks and costs of downtime.

  1. It reduces operational burden on your IT staff

Your IT staff can be a major source of competitive advantage. Keep them focused on projects that contribute to profitability by easing the burden associated with manual data backups. Traditional methods of data backup are time consuming and tedious. Cloud-based solutions shift the burden to your provider. Additionally, most services are available on a subscription basis with round-the-clock support and regular reporting.

  1. It leverages built-in provider expertise and resources

When you use a cloud backup solutions provider, you have access to the latest technology, infrastructure and scalability on the market. Additionally, your provider can take care of any regulatory requirements that govern your data to ensure compliance and privacy.

Clark Schaefer Hackett offers data security consultation and backup solutions that protect your company’s data in the cloud, in real time. Our solutions integrate seamlessly with Microsoft Office 365. Available under a simple licensing model, you can add as much protection as you need, priced per user per month with no minimums, no annual fees and no contractual commitment.

Our consultants can answer your questions about cloud-based data backup and formulate a solution that works for you. Get in touch.

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