From College to Career

At Clark Schaefer Hackett, we created CSH MAX – a firmwide program that encourages your professional growth and achievement. For college students, that means you’ll have everything you need to transition from university life to a rewarding and successful career.



When you begin with the firm, we don’t just show you to your desk, and let you sink or swim. You will always have a go-to resource because we pair you with a Buddy who will show you the ropes and answer all your questions.

We also prepare every CSHer for success with an intensive two-week onboarding program. You’ll learn about the processes and procedures necessary to do your work in a hands-on way.

Performance Management

Coaching – With CSH MAX Coaching, our Staff and Seniors get one-on-one support to advance their skills and careers. Your coach will listen to your challenges, offer advice, and be an advocate for your advancement. Your coach will help you identify strengths and areas of improvement so that you can be your best.

Mentoring – The CSH MAX Mentoring Program is designed for Managers, and provides one year of guidance for career goals, professional development, and personal growth. The CSH MAX Mentoring Program is designed to help Mangers be great leaders.

Professional Development

Line of Sight – You’re ambitious. You expect to take on responsibility, be recognized and rewarded, move up, and make a difference in the firm. You have a vision of where you’re headed, and where you want to be. So you just need to know the path to get there. CSH MAX will help bring your future into focus.

We’ve eliminated the guesswork about what it takes to get promoted. The firm’s career progression model outlines the skills and competencies required at every level of CSH.

With the help of your coach or mentor, you can identify, and master, the abilities and behaviors that you need to move up to the next level.