Remarkable things happen when you put relationships at the center of your solutions.

As accountants and business advisors, we love numbers. But we also love creating remarkable client relationships. We do this by building trust, offering guidance, delivering results, and providing vision – we call it The CSH Way.

And we measure our success by surveying our clients regularly.

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Net Promoter Score

Widely used across many industries, Net Promoter Score measures a client’s experience and can predict customer loyalty. According to survey company Inavero®’s research, the 2018 Accounting Industry NPS Benchmark for firms operating in the U.S. and Canada is a mere 19%.

Our 83% rating puts us in a category with other outstanding companies respected for the exceptional customer experience they provide, like Apple, Tesla Motors and Warby Parker. But more important, our score reflects our commitment to creating remarkable client experiences. While other firms may say they deliver excellent service, we have the numbers to back it up.

Client Success Stories

The Cincinnati Zoo

From the tiniest insect to the tallest giraffe, the Cincinnati Zoo understands that, no matter the size, it’s care and concern that makes a difference. Hear why they rely on Clark Schaefer Hackett’s Not-for-Profit team to help support their mission.


CSH conducts client engagement surveys at the conclusion of hundreds of engagements each year. Recent results indicate that:

98% would choose to do business with Clark Schaefer Hackett again
97% would recommend Clark Schaefer Hackett to a colleague
96% say that their advisors provide high-quality deliverables
96% say that their advisors listen to their needs
96% say that their advisors provided personal attention
95% agree that CSH’s services met their expectations
95% agree that their advisors understand their specific business needs
95% say that their advisors understand their industry

Feedback from Our Clients

  • Our CSH advisor “is always very attentive to our mission, needs and strategies…She is thoughtful, and has exceptional follow-up and attention to detail.”  

    – CSH client
  • My CSH advisor “helps make it more ‘human’ to complete my accounting/business tasks, and I love working with her.”

    – CSH client
  • Our CSH advisor “has played a key role in helping us to define our business. He attends our weekly management team meetings and offers insights that can only come from experiences outside of our business.”  

    – CSH client
  • Our CSH advisor “explains complicated transactions to us in an easy-to-understand way and is very knowledgeable and confident in doing so.”

    – CSH client
  • My CSH advisor “instilled confidence and vision for a prosperous and productive future for our firm. I’m secure in my relationship with Clark Schaefer Hackett.”

    – CSH client
  • Our CSH advisors “want us to succeed as a business, and they are always willing to share their knowledge and best thinking with our management team. They point out the good and the bad, but with an emphasis on helping our organization to be better.”

    – CSH client

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