Our Clients

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We’re creating remarkable relationships The CSH Way.

In public accounting, doing the work and serving the client are not the same thing. One is about numbers, the other is about relationships. Our research tells us that what is currently scarce in the marketplace, and therefore highly valued, is supportive, helpful client service.

We deliver the CSH Way through four pillars:


Having a “trusted advisor” and receiving reliable, “high-quality deliverables” are two of the top benefits clients desire from our relationship. They want to be able to place their trust in us and our work.


“Exceptional responsiveness to client needs and expectations” is a highly appreciated aspect of service. Clients want us to plan engagements tailored to their objectives, managing deadlines, priorities and scope.


Clients consider our expertise much more valuable when they understand the real-world way it benefits them – the result we can offer. When we apply our knowledge to client issues, we can deliver their desired outcomes.


Clients are looking for our leadership, innovation, familiarity with their business and ability to anticipate their needs as they grow. They want us to have a vision for their successful future.

The CSH Way In Action

  • Identifying Expectations

    Identify and document client's expectations and desired outcomes.

  • Tailored Planning

    Create a service plan to achieve those outcomes on time and budget.

  • Communications Management

    Keep everyone up to speed on progress and issues as they develop.

  • Frequent Feedback

    Constantly seek feedback and put that feedback into action.

  • Continuous Improvement

    Review client needs and adjust service accordingly.

Our People

Get Empowered

We’ve succeeded when our people grow and thrive, both personally and professionally.

Our CSH MAX program is one important way we try to better their lives. We invest in their success at every stage of their career. This means training opportunities, mentors, coaches and a clear career progression model.

6 Elements of CSH Max

Join Us

You’re smart, talented and you’re going to make a difference. You’re looking for a firm where your aspirations will be supported and your career opportunity will be maximized.

Our Communities

We’re committed to improving and enhancing the communities we live and work in. One way we do this is by giving employees paid Volunteer Time Off to spend time volunteering any way they see fit!

In 2019, CSH employees volunteered for over 4,000 hours!

Clark Schaefer Hackett team members volunteer for the Dragonfly organization
CSh volunteers at the Furniture Bank of Central Ohio