Introducing the 9 Competencies of Fearless Leaders

Definity’s Level One Fearless Leader Course is the start of a lifelong journey in leadership education and training. Studies indicate that most employees are promoted to leadership positions based on technical abilities but lack the skills to lead people. Beneath the traits of the best leaders are core behaviors that can be learned and practiced. Our Fearless Leader program is a transformational experience that introduces the nine fundamental leadership competencies which are essential to the success of your leaders and organization.

The nine leadership competencies include:

  • Trust: Understand and practice trust building behaviors
  • Recognition: Give high quality feedback and recognition
  • Development: Develop the talents and skills of their team
  • Safety: Recognize, enforce and drive a proactive safety mindset
  • Continuous Improvement: See “work” as interdependent processes, recognize waste and drives process improvement
  • Daily Huddles: Effectively communicate by leading improvement-oriented daily huddles
  • High Standards: Set and deliver on high expectations and standards
  • Empowerment: Coach team members to create an empowered team
  • Confidence: Lead calmly, resolutely and with confidence in challenging situations

Do you have leaders (new or old) that need to:

  • Grow and develop their team?
  • Motivate employees and build trust within their teams?
  • Improve their ability to give and receive feedback?
  • Develop valuable communication skills?
  • Sharpen their leadership saw?

If you answered yes to any of the questions above, the Fearless Leader Course is a game-changer. Our unique “Hear it, See it, Do it” approach to training suits multiple learning styles, helps new ideas stick and lays the groundwork for new behavioral habits.

Take Aways

After attending this two-day session, attendees will receive the Fearless Leader Level 1 Course Certificate of completion from Definity Partners and 1.5 CEUs. But more importantly, participants will return to work ready to make an immediate impact as a leader.

In addition to the nine essential competencies, this course also introduces participants to the powerful Run Improve Grow philosophy. Run Improve Grow® is a model for continuous improvement that stimulates a culture of consistent growth and innovation. Organizations who master the Run, can begin to Improve, and through bold leadership watch themselves Grow.

Questions about the course? Email Tara Amis ( to learn more.

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