Do your employees have the skills needed to deliver maximum value while minimizing waste? Lean methodology and Lean certification support continuous improvement and long-term competitive success through a relentless pursuit of eliminating waste, inefficiencies and irregularities. When implemented as an overarching business philosophy, Lean drives sustainable improvements and results within an organization, offering immense value for both businesses and individuals.

Definity Partners’ Lean Yellow Belt Certification course is truly unique in the industry. This one-day, interactive learning experience introduces participants to fundamental lean methodologies and our powerful Run Improve Grow® philosophy. Run Improve Grow is a model for continuous improvement that stimulates a culture of consistent growth and innovation. Organizations who master the Run, can begin to Improve, and through bold leadership watch themselves Grow.

Learning Objectives:

  • Identify and minimize various forms of waste
  • Comprehend and apply a variety of lean tools
  • Understand how to reduce cycle and lead times
  • Demonstrate the requirements of developing cells through Kaizen
  • Explain the relationship between inventory and waste
  • Understand Run Improve Grow (Simplify the “run” of your business and capitalize on reactive improvements)

Designed for employees at all levels of your organization, the Lean Yellow Belt Certification blends unique, interactive classroom sessions with hands-on, critical thinking exercises.

Take Aways

Participants earn .7 CEUs (Continuing Education Units). More importantly, they leave with the ability to put proven Lean techniques into practice in their individual work areas and drive immediate results across their organization.

Who should attend?

  • Organizational leaders and their teams
  • Employees interested in general knowledge of Lean principles
  • Those who have participated in Lean practices but would like a refresher course to keep on track


  • “I can’t state to you enough how beneficial I feel this exercise is for our organization. The course uses a simple format to demonstrate key principles that everyone can apply to their work area.” – Joe E, CEO
  • “Definity’s solid reputation for instilling a lean-thinking culture was a perfect fit for developing our team.” Mike S, Plant Manager

If you understand the basic LEAN principles, then send us an email and to learn more about our Lean Green Belt Certificate Course: A Deep Dive into a Variety of Lean Tools.

Questions about the course? Email Tara Amis ([email protected]) to learn more.


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