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Don’t Fall Victim to the “Dirty Dozen” Tax Scams

Just in time for tax season, the IRS released their list of the “dirty dozen” tax scams to be aware of for 2016. From identity theft and phishing schemes to false and excessive claims, the list identifies the threats individuals and organizations face more often during this time of year. View the list and learn how to protect yourself.

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Protecting Your Organization from Email Fraud

Online fraud schemes are becoming the norm. This troubling trend affects inboxes on a daily basis with malware that clones email accounts, or tracking botnets that illegally wire funds to fraudulent bank accounts. These scams are most frequently carried out by compromising user emails at a company that regularly makes wire transfers. Learn how to recognize – and avoid – these costly cons.

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What Teens Need to Know About Cyber Security

As smartphone and mobile device usage continues to grow, more and more teens are active online. Protection of personal devices and data is only one part of cybersecurity, education is the other line of defense. Learn about six tips that can help teens protect their information and devices.

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Occupational Fraud: A Look at Protection and Prevention

From little league treasurers to C-suite executives, theft on the job occurs at an alarming rate. Every day, criminals are robbing their victims in broad daylight, using tools and resources furnished by their victims to perpetuate the crime and cover it up. And they’re being paid by their victims to do it.

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Webinar: Is Your IT Environment Secure?

Is your organization keeping important data safe from cyber thieves? Last year, the number of U.S. data breaches hit a record high of 783, up nearly 30% from the year prior.

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Webinar: Caught in the Act – Fraud Case Studies

Protecting your benefit plan from fraud should be one of your top concerns, but do you know what to look for? In this webinar, we examined actual fraud cases and how a prepared plan administrator could have prevented them.

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