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As a business owner, you know taxes and accounting can sometimes fall last on your list. But getting the fundamentals right is important.

That’s where we come in. Our CPAs understand the regulations in your business. We can help you reduce your tax burden, optimize deductions and gain peace of mind. The more we can help you save, the more you have to invest in your business.

Cannabis Industry Trends

Map of the United States where cannabis is legal in some form.

Legal Cannabis Is Spreading

  • 33 states have legalized medical use
  • 11 states have legalized recreational use as of Jan. 2020
  • Growing opportunities: U.S. sales are estimated to reach $20 billion by 2022

This is not a western state phenomenon.

Cannabis Market Outlook

  • Capital Access Improving

    Investor demand for U.S. cannabis assets has been growing, with several oversubscribed public offerings and large direct investments by private equity. The conduit through listing on the Canadian Securities Exchange has also boosted U.S. companies’ access to capital markets.

  • Evolving legislator attitudes

    At least 55 marijuana reform bills faced federal legislators in 2018 (up from 35 in 2017), including at least five bills calling for cannabis de-scheduling. This, combined with more states intending to convert to recreational sales, and historically conservative states like Oklahoma and Louisiana legalizing medical marijuana indicate legislators’ attitudes becoming more lenient.

  • Favorable public opinion growing

    According to Pew Research, two-thirds of Americans favored legalizing marijuana in Nov. 2019. This highlights the trend of growing consumer acceptance and reduced stigma: only around 50% of Americans supported legalization in 2010.

  • State protections could be formalized

    President Trump voiced support for proposed legislation that would formalize federal recognition of state cannabis laws. This increases the chance that federal prosecution risks could be eliminated before a full implementation of federal legalization occurs.

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Client Accounting Services

Your success is our priority. Our outsourced accounting services help you with the financial fundamentals of your business, from reporting to reconciliations. Our Controller/CFO services guide you through the process of turning financial data into business insight, so you can be prepared for growth, a sale or whatever your next step may be.

  • Monthly bookkeeping
  • Payroll solutions
  • Operational performance reviews
  • Design or improvement of accounting processes
  • Cash management & analysis
  • Financial statement preparation
  • Budget preparation & reporting
  • Consolidated reporting
  • Account reconciliations
  • Audit preparation
  • Financial forecasts and modeling
  • Acquisition due diligence

Tax Services

The rules governing your tax liability can be overwhelming. Cannabis businesses face different tax implications than other businesses. We will help you stay compliant and ahead of regulatory changes.

  • Section 280E and 471 strategies
  • Strategic tax planning
  • Income tax compliance
  • State & local tax
  • Commercial activity tax
  • Sales & use tax
  • Tax accounting methods
  • Cost segregation
  • Fixed asset depreciation reports
  • Income/franchise tax
  • Partnership allocations

Assurance Services

We deliver the right type of report for your assurance needs. Regardless of the level of detail required, we give you a clearer picture of any financial flaws and offer recommendations for improvement.

  • Financial statement audits, reviews & compilations

Business Consulting


  • Operations strategy
  • Process improvement
  • Business transformation


  • IT strategy & support
  • Business software & automation
  • Custom applications development
  • Information & cybersecurity


  • Executive search & recruiting
  • Human resources strategy
  • Training & education

Data & Business Optimization

  • Data strategy
  • Data collection & integration
  • Business optimization
  • Advanced analytics

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