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Helping you mitigate the risks, costs and damages of fraud and corruption.

No organization is immune to fraud.

Although the media covers only the most sensational examples of fraud, most incidents happen at small-to-mid-sized organizations – even not-for-profits.

Digital forensics and e-discovery methods are crucial, not only in proving a case but also in proactively identifying potential risk areas for fraudulent activity. Our certified fraud examiners and forensic audit specialists analyze large data sets, looking for inconsistencies and ferreting out dishonest employees.

Our advisors combine industry experience with fraud and forensic accounting expertise to deliver customized solutions, including:

  • Forensic audits
  • Corporate and financial internal investigations
  • Forensic accounting and data analytic services
  • Forensic computer technology services
  • Damages calculations
  • Fraud investigations
  • Unreported income
  • White-collar crime investigations
  • Employee and vendor theft and embezzlement investigations
  • Calculation Report
  • Collateral audits
  • Anti-fraud consulting
  • Business disputes
  • Valuation services
  • Matrimonial dissolution services
  • Operational and efficiency reviews
  • Review of policies, procedures and internal controls

Rooting out the sources of fraud.

Fraud Review

The impact of fraud is not only financial – it can create a culture of distrust that may last for years.

There are three attributes that commonly trigger fraud: incentive, opportunity, and rationalization. This “fraud triangle” of factors includes personal financial problems, illness of a loved one, stress at home, addictions, overspending and animosity for manager/management that may provoke deception.

Our reviews are designed to help identify different types of fraud:

  • Misappropriation or inappropriate use of assets
  • False reporting of operations or performance
  • Avoidance of liabilities and expenditures
  • Improperly obtained revenue or assets
  • Other actions harming the organization’s finances, operations or reputation

Because fraud reviews also help set the tone within your organization that you’re serious about reducing the risk of fraud, they can deter potential thieves from even attempting such actions.

If you’re concerned about the risk of fraud, or worried that it has already occurred, our certified fraud examiners can help. Our advisors take a multi-phased approach:

  • Phase I – Assessment & Analytics
  • Phase II – Investigation
  • Phase III – Preliminary Conclusion & Follow-on Procedures
  • Phase IV – Reporting & Support

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