Organizational Assessment & Development

Targeted insights that provide direction.

Just as you wouldn’t build an addition onto your house without a blueprint, you wouldn’t want to implement organizational changes without a clear outline of your current situation, the results you want to achieve and the path to get there.

Clark Schaefer Hackett’s Strategic Talent Management professionals use several tools to assess your organization and design a customized action plan to deliver optimized outcomes.

Organizational Assessment & Development Services

Employee Engagement Studies

As an organization, the only way you’ll know if your employees are engaged is to ask them. We use advanced technology and proven methodologies to assess employees’ overall level of commitment and identify key drivers that positively and negatively affect engagement.

CSH can develop and administer these studies, compile and analyze the results, deliver comprehensive yet understandable reports, and create an action plan to address key areas for improvement.

With our help, you’ll move beyond making assumptions about your workforce and be equipped with tools to impact significant change.

Organizational Blueprinting

Our experts meet with you to learn where your organization currently stands with its workforce, the challenges you’re facing and what near-term and long-term goals you have for improvement. Armed with this information, we’ll perform a gap analysis or SWOT analysis and develop a tailored plan – a blueprint – for positive change.

We’ll recommend – and help you implement – specific strategies and tools to help you achieve your goals. From developing better job descriptions and interview guides, to designing team building and leadership programs and creating organizational culture initiatives, your CSH advisors provide insight and support for every phase of the employee life cycle.

Culture Assessment & Alignment

Is your organization’s culture in line with your goals? The loss of talented people—or the failure to attract the right people in the first place— is often related to a lack of coordination between Talent and Culture Management. At CSH we help companies clarify their corporate goals and values, drilling down to discover and articulate what they really want to accomplish and why. Our culture assessment helps determine how well your culture is poised to meet those goals and support those values. Our services help improve structure, linkages, and culture to achieve your goals.

Change Management Consulting

“Change is never easy” is a well-known phrase for a reason. The ability to manage change effectively can often mean the difference between a successful initiative that benefits the business and employees, and a program that falls flat – or worse, leaves employees disillusioned and confused.

Our comprehensive approach to organizational change helps you implement transitions with minimal disruption to the business. Some of the services we can provide include project management consulting, communication strategy, leadership training, and conflict management training.

Organizational Assessment & Development

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