Talent Recognition & Development

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Employee turnover costs companies millions of dollars annually. So once you’ve hired great people, you want to keep them. But retaining employees requires more than offering a paycheck and a parking spot. Today’s top talent are looking for professional growth, learning opportunities, and involvement in the company’s future.

CSH can help you optimize existing or design new processes to develop your staff and drive retention. As a result, your ability to retain key employees will improve and so will your bottom line.

Talent Recognition & Development Services

Career Progression Models

Do your employees know what they need to do to be successful in their roles? Providing defined expectations, a clear line of sight and the necessary steps to get from entry-level positions to the corner office is critical for employees as well as your organization. We can develop career progression models for all roles within your company, detailing the competencies, skills and behaviors employees need to master in order to thrive and advance their careers.

Coaching & Mentoring

Coaching and mentoring propels CEOs, executives, sales people, managers, supervisors and professional staff to the next level of success. Our coaching models can be customized for any level, and are based on self-awareness, self-development, and goal achievement. Our mentoring models center on defining professional aspirations, and providing guidance for career goals, professional development and personal growth.

Engagement ROI Assessment

Employee engagement studies are the easiest and most cost-effective way to measure engagement across an organization. But it’s the actions you take based on the survey results that will make a difference – either positive or negative – in your organization.  CSH can review the performance of action plans, and assess their effectiveness. You’ll be able to see the ROI to date, and make course corrections where needed to meet your engagement goals.

Leadership Development

Today’s leaders must be partners with their people. They cannot lead solely based on positional power – they need to build trusted relationships. Leaders have the incredible opportunity to bring out the best in people, but they must first draw out the best in themselves.

CSH offers leadership effectiveness programs designed to help employees identify behaviors, assess their abilities, and develop a plan for improvement.Our courses present the simple yet powerful principles, values and laws of leadership that can bring about positive behavioral changes to enhance leadership. We can help you see measurable improvements in retention, commitment, productivity and efficiency.

Performance Management

Performance management is the glue that binds every stage of the employee lifecycle. It provides feedback, accountability, and documentation for performance outcomes and helps employees channel their talents toward organizational goals. We work with clients to identify expectations and specific development objectives for every role. The result is a highly relevant and actionable set of factors designed to organize formal and informal performance management.

Professional Skills Development

Becoming an expert at what you do will only get you so far. Understanding how to lead and influence others plays a big role in advancing in your department, company and career. In fact, “people skills” account for 80% of your success as a first-level leader. We offer training on the relational skills and techniques that can help you motivate and inspire others to realize their potential and achieve personal and professional goals. Our courses include:

    • Emotional Intelligence
    • Critical Listening Skills
    • Generational Differences in the Workplace

Talent Recognition & Development

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