Talent Acquisition & Integration

Helping you attract and retain employees for the long term.

If you only think about recruiting when you have an immediate hiring need, you may be missing out on the perfect candidates for your openings. Done properly, recruiting is an ongoing effort that not only positions your organization as a top choice among job seekers in your industry, but also provides access to a targeted and vetted pool of qualified applicants. CSH offers tools and services to help you attract the best employees and keep them.

Talent Acquisition & Integration Solutions

Pre-hire Needs Assessment

It’s easy to just copy and paste an existing position description onto a job board. But you’ll get a lot more value – and better candidates – by taking a step back and thinking about what your organization needs, and who the ideal person is to meet those needs. We start with a review of the position and end with a well-defined list of measurable competencies and expectations that define employee success. Areas we evaluate include:

  • Management: We diagnose gaps in management systems, allowing you to correct hiring problems and drive higher employee engagement.
  • Cultural fit: We build hiring profiles that assure fit with your organization’s culture, management and communication styles.
  • Position profile: What are your expectations for this position? How will this position impact business growth? We select candidates with the capability to learn and grow into new positions.


CSH partners with your in-house teams to deliver recruiting expertise on an as-needed basis. We complement their capabilities by providing in-depth sourcing, recruiting and screening expertise. Our experts can also evaluate and optimize your existing recruiting procedures. By assessing the strengths and weaknesses of your current processes, we can design a model to meet your strategic goals.

Our recruiting and consulting services include:

  • Talent Sourcing & Recruiting
  • Application Review & Response
  • Comprehensive Interview Management
  • Behavioral Assessments
  • Skills Testing
  • Reference Checking
  • Offer Management
  • Recruiter & Hiring Manager Training


Once a new employee says “yes” to your job offer, the way you bring them into your organization can have a huge impact on their engagement and ultimate success. Studies have shown that 86% of new hires decide whether to stay with a company longterm within the first six months of employment.

Welcoming and educating new employees gives them more confidence in their role and in their place within your organization. Effective employee onboarding programs also increase employee performance by up to 11%.

We build customized onboarding programs that deliver a positive and informative experience that meets your orientation needs and helps you achieve your retention goals. Our objective is to help reduce turnover, increase employee productivity and provide a better return on your hiring investment.

Talent Acquisition & Integration

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