Payroll Services

Clark Schaefer Hackett offers a full Payroll Accounting Services Department to handle all aspects of your payroll for you.  Client service is the number one goal, and it shows.  Your company’s personal Payroll Specialist will know the ins and outs of your organization and will become personally acquainted with your staff.

We can assist with a wide variety of small and large accounting tasks and services including payroll accounting and bookkeeping services.

And because we are one the region’s largest accounting firms, you can be assured that our Payroll Professionals are well-educated on the ever-changing payroll tax laws.  Your business will always be in compliance with the most recent tax requirements.  We have the expertise to help you identify potential savings through federal and state tax credits, and the familiarity with your organization to know when they apply to you.

When you engage CSH to handle all aspects of your business and personal accounting needs including your Payroll Services, the right hand will always know what the left hand is doing, and your service will be seamless.  The firm will have the benefit of seeing your organization as a whole, rather than in pieces, and that perspective will lead to the best business advice and the most profitable business relationship possible.

Payroll Solutions

Clark Schaefer Hackett’s Payroll Services Team helps you easily manage employee information and simplify your entire payroll process.   Because we are a group of specialists focusing completely on payroll services, we are able to do it in the most efficient and smartest way possible.  Handling your payroll needs is what we do best, so that you are free for what you do best – running your business and serving your clients.

  • Computing and withholding wage garnishments
  • Advising on and responding to tax notices • Performing payroll audits
  • Coordinating taxing agency audits of payroll records
  • Calculating payroll checks
  • Handling tax payments
  • Preparing payroll tax returns
  • Preparing W-2 forms
  • Consulting with you and your staff to tailor our services to your needs

Remarkable Relationships

Our Approach to Client Service

At CSH, we believe better relationships produce better outcomes. We are so passionate about this approach that we published a book entitled The CSH Way, documenting our unique commitment to client service.

Our professionals are specially trained to deliver highly-valued client experiences, and our superior client satisfaction ratings are the result. In a recent independent survey, our client satisfaction ratings were 45% higher than the industry average*.

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