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Technology systems are an integral part of business operations, and managing the security risks associated with them is an ongoing challenge. The impact of a systems outage or a data breach can be devastating, and the likelihood that your organization is being targeted is increasing. With the right internal audit consulting and internal audit procedures, our advisors strengthen and support your control environment to help you to manage your organization’s risk.

Audit Data Analytics

The focus on “big data” is not going away, but many organizations struggle with fully integrating data analytics throughout their internal audit process. It can be a challenge to access the right data and effectively analyze it, while making the process cost effective and sustainable.

Working with your internal audit department, our consultants can provide data analytic solutions and resources, including:

  • Developing a data analytics strategy including defined goals, measurable objectives, and potential solutions
  • Assisting with the implementation of your data analytics program
  • Identifying how to best apply data analytics in each phase of your internal audit process
  • Providing training and knowledge transfer for your team

Database Management Controls

Controlling who has access to your database information, and ensuring that any data is recoverable, are key components for protecting your systems and staying compliant. Our consultants can help you ensure that your access controls, backup controls and procedures are effective and up to date.

Csc Access Management V2

Internal Audit

Whether you are creating an initial internal audit function or looking for someone to assist your already-established team, our experienced internal audit consultants can help. Our services include:

  • Building an internal audit governance structure, including development of comprehensive policies and procedures
  • Assisting with the development of an audit committee
  • Developing an internal audit charter
  • Designing a customized internal audit manual
  • Training to those involved with the charters, policies/procedures, roles/responsibilities
  • Performing a Quality Assessment Review (QAR) for already established internal audit departments to:
    • assess the effectiveness of your functions
    • recommend action plans to improve performance
    • ensure compliance with IIA standards

Internal Control Design & Implementation

Strong internal controls can provide assurance that your organization is operating in line with company policies, industry standards and regulatory requirements. They also help minimize the risk of data, financial and reputational loss from breaches and fraud. Our consultants can develop and implement robust internal control systems to help protect your organization.

Internal Control Testing

While internal controls have always been a critical component of a corporate infrastructure, the focus and attention on this area has never been greater. With the enactment of the Sarbanes-Oxley Act (SOX), terms like COSO and CobIT have become commonplace well beyond internal audit. Our consultants follow the standards of the PCAOB, IIA, SEC, and AICPA, which requires us to monitor our approach to consulting on a regular basis, and helps ensure that we are following industry best practices and standards.

Our goal is to strengthen and support your control environment. Combining internal controls and Information Technology (IT) knowledge with a focus on corporate governance, we provide services including:

  • Internal Audit, Compliance and SOC Assistance
  • Planning and Governance
  • Risk Assessment and Management

IT Policy & Procedure Development

Updating policies and procedures is time-consuming and challenging. And creating documentation from scratch can be even more difficult. Our consultants can help you review, revise and create well-designed policies and procedures that not only keep your organization complaint, but also provide benefits such as:

  • Accountability– policies and procedures help build an environment in which individuals are held accountable for adherence to both internal and external standards
  • Training– by referring to the policies and procedures, new employees can quickly learn how the organization operates, its business practices, and what’s expected of them
  • Efficiency– if a problem arises, time and effort may be saved if the issue can be handled successfully using an existing policy or procedure
  • Consistency– established and up to date policies and procedures help to ensure that an organization’s operations do not deteriorate over time.  In addition, critical decision-making processes will remain consistent.

Service Organization Controls (SOC 1,2, 3 & Cybersecurity)

Our advisors and consultants provide the System and Organizational Controls (SOC) examinations that fit your needs – SOC 1, 2, 3, or SOC for cybersecurity. We offer assurance about your systems’ financial reporting controls, the controls you use to protect the privacy and confidentiality of users’ data, as well as the security, availability and processing integrity of your systems.

Vendor Management & Third-Party Oversight

Effectively managing third-party relationships to monitor performance, decrease risks, and reduce cost can be challenging. And with increased regulatory scrutiny and requirements of PCI, SOC 2, HIPAA, GLBA, GBPR and other regulations, it’s more important than ever to assess your organization’s risk.

Our consultants have helped clients:

  • Evaluate vendor relationships
  • Assess individual vendors and partners
  • Develop reports to define controls and show they have been adequately tested

Whatever the scope of your management and oversight needs, we can help.

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