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If you are like many business leaders, ongoing business pressures can keep you from making the most of your data. Your daily focus is on urgent areas like operations, sales and improved results. But this is the very reason why leveraging your data is a “must-have” capability. Data-driven decisions optimize limited resources and allow you to make better decisions faster.

Clark Schaefer Hackett can help you take advantage of the valuable insights embedded within your data. We will help you leverage your data to empower your organization, accelerate innovation and achieve operational excellence.

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The value of your data is immense, and can help you:

The value of your data is immense.
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Where Can Your Data Take You?

Your business has vast amounts of data and it is one of the few assets your competitors cannot replicate. Organizations that can translate data into business insights create a competitive advantage. They see where improvements are needed, where client preferences are trending and where market opportunities exist. The forward-thinking companies that embrace data analytics have a competitive advantage because they can see things faster.

We will help you launch a data analytics strategy that focuses on:

  • Setting Goals: Establishing realistic data analytics targets based on your current analytics capabilities
  • Envisioning Actionable Insights: Helping you visualize “next steps” to transform your raw data into actionable business insights
  • Coordinating Transparency: Getting the right people involved — from executive management through frontline team members
  • Creating Tangible Business Results: Keeping the needs of your business top of mind to create significant business benefits
  • Achieving a Competitive Advantage: Helping you set practical goals for improving performance and achieving remarkable differentiation

Common Steps When Executing a Data Strategy

1. Planning & Discovery

a. Business objectives & needs analysis

b. Identify stakeholders, scope and timeline

2. Current State Assessment

a. Understand business processes

b. Identify data sources

3. Analysis, Prioritization & Roadmap

a. Gap analysis

b. Criteria for priorities

c. Initiative roadmap

4. Change Management

a. Organization & cultural change

b. Data governance

Build Your Data Foundation

Becoming a data-driven organization can feel like a daunting task, but it does not have to be. No matter where you are in your data analytics journey, our experienced professionals will help you navigate operational challenges and drive tangible business results inside your organization. We will help you identify which data to collect and how to organize, store and build organizational trust in your data. Our expertise includes:

Data Interpretation

  • Understanding what kind of business insights your data can provide
  • Calculating the ROI of data analytics implementation
  • Choosing the right metrics to track
  • Placing analytics results into easily understandable formats that are immediately applicable to your business

Data Collection

  • Ensuring the right data is identified and collected
  • Identifying where data conversions are needed to drive better insights
  • Verifying that collected data is clean, standardized and formatted correctly

Data Integration

  • Designing guidelines and procedures for data management
  • Connecting various data sources together via effective data architectures
  • Setting up a logical and holistic data infrastructure
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Would you like to look into the future? With advanced analytics you can.

Advanced analytics uses existing data to formulate patterns and make predictions about future trends. Predictive analytics models are flexible — they can incorporate a wide variety of data and use a variety of statistical analysis techniques. Predictive analytics can help you answer some of these questions:

    • Which deals are most likely to succeed or fail?
    • What are the best indicators for successful M & A opportunities?
    • How can I use data to improve my revenues and margins?
    • Which employees deserve additional training investments?
    • Which trade shows will provide the best payback?
    • Which vendors would be good strategic partners?
    • Where are new product opportunities in my industry?

    Dashboards – A high-level, visual summary of data analytics

    Dashboards provide a central location for team members to access and analyze up-to-date information so that they can make smarter, data-driven decisions. Dashboards enable business leaders to monitor and measure performance in real-time and from any location. Whether trying to determine which channels are driving the most sales, how bad weather impacts retail sales by region or how tariffs will affect raw material supplies, dashboards allow users to quickly gather a wide range of comparative information.

    Contact us today to learn how dashboards will help you operate more efficiently.

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    Have data but don’t know where to start?

    We’re here to help. Whether you’re using Excel or a sophisticated database, our Data Roadmap Solution will identify areas of improvement and establish a data strategy to ensure your organization is leveraging one of its most important assets.

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