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Data analytics is one of the most useful business tools available—and one of the most challenging to implement. If you don’t know where to start, CSH has a low-cost, low-risk offer for you.

We’ll take a deep dive into your business and give you a readout on key areas. What you do with the readout is up to you: we’re here to help you attack your data to-do list, or to just start the conversation and get you thinking about what data can realistically do for you. Whichever direction we go, our mantra will be: You Need a Single Source of Truth.

What We Do

Our Data Health Check helps you attack five common barriers that prevent organizations from defining their single source of truth and harnessing the power of their data.

Barrier One: What can my data do for me?

We get it: it can be hard to wrap your mind around how to approach using data to enhance your business. If you don’t know what you don’t know, it’s hard to know where to start. We cover the basics, helping you understand:

  • The specific business insights your data can provide
  • The value and ROI of implementing analytics tools in your organization
  • The right metrics to track
  • How to integrate analytics results into the business and convert them into action items
  • How to conduct wellness checks of the analyses to make sure they are accurately answering the right questions
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Barrier Two: Collecting Good Data

As we hear from our clients, once you have a plan, it can be easy to analyze your data. The hard part can be figuring out how to obtain the data in the first place. It may be very expensive, or it may seem impossible due to a lack of equipment. We can help you ensure your fundamentals are stable, making sure you are:

  • Collecting qualitative data about their customers
  • Converting these qualitative data into quantitative data
  • Collecting accurate data about customer behavior on their website and on their product
  • Verifying that the data collected is clean, standardized, formatted correctly, and accurate

Barrier Three: Seamlessly Integrating Data Analytics

Small and mid-sized businesses face major challenges integrating data into their business operations. Two of the major components we see clients lacking are: management bandwidth to manage data sources and technical talent to construct and maintain a sound data infrastructure. We can manage these complications by:

  • Creating structured guidelines and procedures for data management
  • Helping with the technical process of connecting various data sources via databases or APIs
  • Providing temporary or permanent staffing bandwidth to set up and manage a logical, holistic data infrastructure
  • Limiting the time and expense of reformatting data to be compatible for integration

Barrier Four: Automating Data Analytics

Automation can make your life easier, but it can be difficult (and expensive) to implement. Due to a lack of available analytics tools to automate data cleaning and perform basic exploratory analysis, we’ve seen small and mid-sized businesses struggle with automation. We’ve stepped in to help clients resolve these common automation challenges:

  • Lack of tools to automate tedious data cleaning and repetitive analysis processes during analysis
  • Lack of tools to efficiently advise analysts on what to focus on for actionable insights
  • Lack of automated post-analysis reporting mechanisms

Barrier Five: Focusing on Data Analytics

Next to interpreting their data, the next biggest challenge facing small and mid-sized businesses is convincing their organizations to join the “data revolution” in the first place. We can help knock out the obstacles in your way by:

  • Helping you see the immediate value of data, and the harm of indefinitely pushing back analytics to some point in the future
  • Reducing or eliminating your long-term commitment to expensive analytics tools
  • Alleviating the fear and frustration with the time cost of setup and implementation
  • Helping you find ways to prioritize data analytics and use your data investment efficiently

How We Do It

  1. Complete a questionnaire and virtual interview to gain insights into your organization.
  2. Obtain systems and organizational access to increase our understanding of your data landscape.
  3. Create a dashboard and report of our results.
  4. Consult with you on next steps and action items.

How to Get Started

Knowing what to do with your data is hard. Let us make it easy.

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