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Education & Training

Investing in your talent is the key to building a positive culture of proactive improvement. We start with the skills, behaviors, and systems that have proven most successful in the field and on the shop floor.

Leadership Education

New Skills. New Confidence.

Our educational opportunities support the development needs of your key leaders and their teams — from the frontline to executive staff. The single most important thing you can do to impact employee engagement and satisfaction is invest in their success.

  • Leadership & Workforce Development from the shop floor to the executive suite
  • Custom Training programs on-site or in our RIG Training Center
  • On-site Coaching and Certifications for sustainability and consistency

Run Improve Grow®​

Get out of the Run.

We build solutions out of bold promises + proven systems, ensuring that every client gets exactly what they need, at a pace and scope that works for them.

As we address the most critical challenges we often uncover hidden opportunities and root causes. Depending on each client’s situation, we bring the perfect mix of hands-on training, improvement initiatives, processes & systems, tools & technology, and/or strategic support needed to efficiently run the business and improve it every day. Some clients just need a quick push of expertise and firepower for critical initiatives. Some need transformation from the ground up.

Run Improve Grow book cover

Our Curriculum

A dynamic curriculum suits multiple learning styles and reinforces learning through classroom sessions, hands-on activities, breakout sessions, and immediate application in our learning lab and onsite live manufacturing facility.

Leadership training content balances the basics of process improvement with the people development skills that are critical to making improvements last.

Outstanding leadership requires confidence and skill in three key areas:


  • Understands and practices trust building behaviors
  • Gives high quality feedback and recognition
  • Develops the talents and skills of their team


  • Recognizes, enforces and drives a proactive safety mindset
  • Sees “work” as interdependent processes, recognizes waste, and drives process improvement
  • Effectively communicates by leading improvement-oriented daily huddles


  • Sets and delivers on high expectations and standards
  • Coaches to create an empowered team
  • Leads calmly, decisively, and with confidence in challenging situations

Educational Courses

Educational Courses

Fearless Leader Level 1

Leadership is a skill that can be learned and refined. This program covers the nine fundamental leadership competencies that are essential to the success of your leaders and your organization. Focused on people, process, and performance this course will prepare your leaders (both old and new) with a clear direction and insight into understanding their effectiveness and success as a leader.

Do you have leaders (new or experienced) that need to:

  • Grow and develop their team?
  • Motivate employees and build trust within their teams?
  • Improve their ability to give and receive feedback?
  • Develop valuable communication skills?
  • Sharpen their leadership saw?

If you answered yes to any of the questions above, the Fearless Leader Course is a game-changer. Our unique “Hear it, See it, Do it” approach to training suits multiple learning styles, helps new ideas stick and lays the groundwork for new behavioral habits.

Questions? Call 513-381-7200 (option 2 for Education) to speak with one of our advisors.

Lean Yellow Belt: Our Introduction to Fundamental Lean Principles

This one-day, interactive learning experience delivers a powerful introduction to fundamental lean principles through a unique teaching method which includes interactive classroom sessions and hands-on, critical thinking simulation exercises.

Learning Objectives:

  • Identify and minimize various forms of waste
  • Comprehend and apply a variety of lean tools
  • Understand how to reduce cycle and lead times
  • Demonstrate the requirements of developing cells through Kaizen
  • Explain the relationship between inventory and waste
  • Understand Run Improve Grow®

Designed for employees at all levels of your organization, the Lean Yellow Belt Certification blends unique, interactive classroom sessions with hands-on, critical thinking exercises.

Green Belt: The Next Level

The Lean Green Belt Certification begins with 3-days of hands-on instruction giving students a working knowledge of lean tools that eliminate waste, improve productivity & quality, and reduce lead times.

Following the 3-day course, each participant will have the opportunity to charter and execute a Lean Improvement Project for the final certification. The experience of planning, executing and implementing a project on-site, at their company turns theory into action. A Project Manager provides 20 hours of individualized on-site support and guidance throughout the project.

The Lean Green Belt Certification program focuses on a broad range of proven Lean Process Improvement Principles. 

Tools and techniques that will be taught and utilized include:

  • Elimination of Waste
  • Standardization
  • TPM
  • Measurements & Metrics
  • SMED
  • Problem Solving Techniques
  • Kanban
  • Value Stream Mapping
  • Kaizen
  • Pull Production

Upon earning the Lean Green Belt, participants will be prepared to lead company improvement teams to make a lasting impact on your business! Organizations can expect a 200% return on their investment from the single improvement project during Boot Camp and should expect continuous projects to occur with increased results.

Questions? Call 513-381-7200 (option 2 for Education) to speak with one of our advisors.

Learning Environments

Learning Lab

There is a limit to how much you can learn from sitting in a classroom. We have a unique facility reserved for group activities and simulations.


Our lectures are never just lectures. Our classrooms lay the groundwork for skills that we practice through simulations and group activities.

Live Manufacturing Facility

Our partnership with Upside Innovations brings hands-on learning to a whole new level with access to a live manufacturing operation.

On-Site at Your Facility

In-context training accelerates both understanding and impact. We can deliver the full range of our workforce development programs at client sites across the globe.

Upcoming Course Calendar

Fearless Leader Level 1 - 2022

February 17-18: Public Course Register Now

March 10-11: Public Course Register Now

April 21-22: Public Course Register Now

May 12-13: Public Course Register Now

June 16-17: Public Course Register Now

July 21-22: Public Course Register Now

August 18-19: Public Course Register Now

September 15-16: Public Course Register Now

October 20-21: Public Course Register Now

November 17-18: Public Course Register Now

December 15-16: Public Course Register Now

Lean Yellow Belt

March 3: Public Course Register Now

Lean Green Belt

Additional Courses Coming Soon

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