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Cybersecurity HealthCheck

No one is immune from cyber attacks. Our Cybersecurity HealthCheck provides an efficient, cost-conscious way to evaluate the readiness of your IT security programs.

Cybersecurity HealthCheck

We Focus on Six Key Areas:


IT Management & Governance

  • Ensure that IT goals and direction align with business objectives
  • Review policies, procedures, and staff training
  • Evaluate security incident response processes

IT Operations & Monitoring

  • Identify inadequate backups that can lead to data loss
  • Conduct business continuity and disaster recovery plan testing
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of event logging

Network Architecture & Administration

  • Analyze network design, looking for weaknesses that can allow access to sensitive data
  • Identify non-existent or out of date diagrams that can lead to issues with network assets leaving the organization exposed to unknown risks

Physical Security & Environmental Controls

  • Evaluate the physical security of your IT environment to guard against theft or damage to resources
  • Assess environmental controls to protect against potential damage to IT resources (e.g., overheating, fire, water leak, power outage)

System Configuration & Security

  • Analyze system configuration and security looking for vulnerabilities to both internal and external cyberattacks as well as employee error
  • Assess the level of encryption for potential exposure of sensitive data to third-party snooping or manipulation

Systems Maintenance

  • Evaluate system acquisition processes that can lead to weak controls or increased risk exposure through third parties
  • Assess system retirement controls to prevent unauthorized individuals accessing sensitive data (e.g., hard drive thrown in trash without being wiped/shredded)

Cybersecurity Confidence Quiz

Is Your Company At Risk?

Take our Cybersecurity Confidence Quiz to find out!

After you take the quiz, you’ll receive your score along with a report of areas where you could be vulnerable to an attack. A consultant will follow up with you personally to discuss your results.

Cybersecurity Guidance

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