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Executive Search & Recruiting

Find leaders who fit your needs and can advance the growth and strategic direction of your company. CSH offers tools and services to help you attract the best employees and keep them.

Executive Search

Find Top Talent.

We combine industry and functional knowledge with a proven executive search process to find leaders who best fit your needs and can advance the growth and strategic direction of your company.

The region’s most successful companies rely on CSH to fill senior executive roles. We act as a trusted advisor throughout the process and help find leaders who best fit your organization’s unique needs based on three areas: management, cultural fit and the position profile.


Hire Qualified Professionals.

Third-party recruiting firms, by definition, are on the outside—they reach into businesses and develop relationships with talent. But at CSH, we are on the inside.


CSH partners with your in-house teams to deliver sourcing, recruiting and screening expertise on an as-needed basis. We work closely with clients to understand their culture and strategic goals and the specific leadership competencies needed to meet organizational goals. We evaluate candidates against both what your needs are and what success looks like across your industry.

Our recruiting services include:

  • Talent Sourcing & Recruiting
  • Application Review & Response
  • Comprehensive Interview Management
  • Behavioral Assessments
  • Skills Testing
  • Reference Checking
  • Offer Management
  • Recruiter & Hiring Manager Training


What about after you hire someone? Studies show that 86% of new hires decide whether to stay with a company longterm within the first six months of employment. Effective employee onboarding programs can increase employee performance by up to 11%.

At CSH, we also offer customized onboarding programs designed to help you retain employees and reduce turnover. 

Our Process

What You can Expect From CSH.

  • We conduct thorough interviews with board members, senior management and others to determine your definition of an ideal candidate.
  • We understand that executive recruitment is a nuanced process. We present findings in person to ensure that we stay well attuned to how well we are meeting your needs.
  • We prepare detailed position specifications – responsibilities, competencies, compensation, first year goals, leadership style and fit – as the foundation for the search.
  • We leverage broad networks and sophisticated databases to identify potential candidates for further refinement.
  • We conduct in-depth interviews to assess candidates’ potential for success and serious interest in the position.
  • We thoroughly evaluate references including verifying credentials and checking public sources of information.
  • We advise during on-site candidate interviews and assist in selecting finalists. Once you decide to extend an offer, we advise on compensation terms.
  • We stay in close contact with you and the new leader to ensure a smooth transition and successful long-term match.

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