The CSH Way

Published in 2014, our book entitled The CSH Way, documents our approach to creating remarkable relationships with clients and staff. It sets the standard for our success. Our clients have told us that what is scarce in the marketplace, and therefore highly valued, is a supportive, helpful working relationship.

We embrace the idea that there’s a difference between doing the work and truly serving you. One is about numbers, the other is about relationships. Within this book, we identified four key attributes that result in a remarkable client service relationship. They are:


We pride ourselves on our integrity, proficiency, leadership and commitment to quality. As we strive to exceed your expectations, we deliver a client relationship you can trust.


Organizations engage us to guide them toward improvement. That requires us to pinpoint your goals, create a plan that meets your needs, and provide reliable advice along the way. At CSH, we proactively and dependably guide our clients through successful engagements.


Our capabilities can only be fully appreciated by you when they are applied to produce your desired outcomes. To be valuable to you, we must demonstrate how our knowledge, experience and technical aptitude fits your needs and improves your performance. It’s about actions versus results. At CSH, we’ll apply our knowledge to your issues, delivering sought-after results.


Visionary advisors anticipate what clients might face, and then advise them on the best way to respond. They regularly uncover opportunities for clients to do better, or be better. This requires innovative thinking and out-of-the-box problem solving. At CSH, we’ll let our curiosity lead us to innovative answers. We’ll proactively anticipate your needs and offer creative options for your success.

When managing your engagement, The CSH Way outlines 5 actions to ensure a successful outcome:

Remarkable things happen when you put relationships at the center of your solutions. Because we understand that our relational and technical capabilities are equally important, our brand is built on the promise of results through remarkable relationships.