The Evolving Role of the CFO

Man looking at data and analytics in a dashboard

It’s an exciting time to be a middle-market CFO, as the chief financial officer role is going through a major transformation. The CFO of the past was conservative and risk averse, spending most of their time crunching numbers and performing mundane (but important) tasks such as financial reporting, budgeting, cost control, cash flow management and […]

CFOs: 4 signs you need data visualizations

Today’s financial leaders have more responsibilities than ever. On top of managing cash flow, overseeing the accounting department and helping to drive growth, you’re also responsible for ensuring the quality of your organization’s financial data and translating that data into reporting that stakeholders can understand. A data visualization tool such as Microsoft Power BI helps […]

Want to be a Data-Driven CFO? See how Microsoft Power BI can help

There has never been a better time for insightful data analytics, especially for CFOs tasked with making strategic decisions that deliver results. Your team depends on you to guide cost savings and profitability while enabling business growth – and accurate, reliable and real-time data is critical to your success as CFO. Limited resources, data spread […]

7 Dashboards CFOs Can’t Live Without

Top CFOs are using these dashboards – are you? Organizations with access to real-time data are 5 times as likely to make decisions faster than peers. Data visualization helps financial leaders predict future business conditions, reduce costs, and mitigate risk. Download our eBook to discover the dashboards you should be using.

5 Benefits of Robotic Process Automation

Women with laptop, laptop says "RPA"

In the real world, not all business processes run smoothly and accurately. We want to help you change that with robotic process automation (RPA). RPA is all about smart allocation of resources. The “robot” in the term RPA is not a physical robot, but rather software tools that automate repetitive manual computing or business process […]

Top Tools and Apps for Remote Work

With so many options to up your digital game for your remote workforce, choosing the right solution can seem daunting. The CSH Technology team works with companies every day to tackle these issues. Here are some useful productivity tools to help optimize your remote workforce. Securing Your VPN   Cisco is a common option, but […]

Are you investing in leadership training?

Many factors go into the success of an auto dealership: offering high-quality vehicles, providing outstanding customer service and strong inventory management.  However, one success factor that many dealerships often overlook is leadership training and development. Two primary approaches can be used to train and advance your future leaders.  Dealerships can rely on internal sources of […]

The New Audit Rules are here. Is your partnership ready?

Ready or not, new audit rules relating to the Centralized Partnership Audit Regime are now in effect. As a result, decisions need to be made for preparation and filing of a partnership’s 2018 income tax return to occur. But what is the Centralized Partnership Audit Regime and what is the impact? The background The 2015 […]

New rules, regulations set to take hold in healthcare industry

The healthcare industry in the U.S. is under a spotlight. From the Affordable Care Act (ACA) to the spread of infectious diseases, how hospitals, insurers and other providers operate is now more important than ever. As a member of the healthcare industry yourself, you know the ups and downs that come with working in this […]

Not if, but when: Taking your not-for-profit into ‘the cloud’

Do you work in “the cloud”? In 2012, TechSoup Global, a technology research group, asked that of more than 10,000 not-for-profits worldwide. It found that 90% of them used some form of cloud computing. If this sounds like a surprisingly high number, consider some of the most common cloud applications: Yahoo! Mail, Facebook, Skype and […]