No parking: Unused compensation reductions can’t go to health FSA

Among the many lasting effects of the pandemic is that some businesses are allowing employees to continue working from home — even now that the most acute phases of the public health crisis seem to be over in some places. This decision is raising some interesting questions about fringe benefits. For example, in IRS Information […]

Offering summer job opportunities? Double-check child labor laws

Spring has sprung — and summer isn’t far off. If your business typically hires minors for summer jobs, now’s a good time to brush up on child labor laws. In News Release No. 22-546-DEN, the U.S. Department of Labor’s Wage and Hour Division (WHD) recently announced that it’s stepping up efforts to identify child labor […]

Undertaking a pay equity audit at your business

Pay equity is both required by law and a sound business practice. However, providing equitable compensation to employees who perform the same or similar jobs, while accounting for differences in experience and tenure, isn’t easy. That’s why every company should at least consider undertaking a pay equity audit to assess its compensation philosophy and approach. […]

ERISA and EAPs: What’s the deal?

In recent years, more and more businesses have increased efforts to support the well-being of their employees. This means not only providing health care benefits, but also offering other initiatives designed to help workers cope with challenges such as substance dependence, financial planning, legal woes and mental health issues. Among the options usually considered is […]

360-degree feedback helps business owners see the big picture

Business owners are regularly urged to “see the big picture.” In many cases, this imperative applies to a pricing adjustment or some other strategic planning idea. However, seeing the big picture also matters when it comes to managing the performance of your staff. Perhaps the best way to get a fully rounded perspective on how […]

The Generations at Work in Manufacturing: 2021 Insights from strategic HR

Traditionalists. Baby Boomers. Generation X. Millennials. Generation Z. If you’re a manufacturing leader, that’s five generations for you to manage in the workplace, and five generations to attract to your company. People in each generation have unique motivators that influence their preferences for company tenure, compensation, and recognition. Are you factoring these motivations into your […]

3 specialized IT leadership positions for growing businesses

For many businesses, technology has changed from something they use to something they do. When a company reaches a point where IT plays a central role in operations and productivity, ownership might want to create one or more leadership positions to specifically oversee tech-related matters and strategy. Often, this means a Chief Information Officer will […]

5 Signs You Need an HR Audit

HR departments look different from company to company. Some have entire departments, others have divisions, while some are single-person shows. That being said, they have one thing in common – their function has never been more important. To set organizations up for success, HR leaders need a seat at the table, and as efficient and […]

Six Reasons to Conduct an HR Audit

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An HR audit isn’t as scary as it sounds. Whether you’re getting by with one HR team member or have an entire HR department, you could benefit from taking a methodical look at your HR practices. An HR audit is simply a review of all aspects of your human resources practices that is typically done […]