Common-Sense Strategies for Reducing Lead Times

Have you lost business or new opportunities due to the lead times of your products and services?  In today’s “I want it now” world, it’s critical for B2C and B2B manufacturers to develop strategies for reducing lead time to stay competitive, reduce costs and increase cash flow.   Studies have shown that being first is key […]

On-Time Delivery Is Critical

Why is on-time delivery so important? On-time delivery (OTD) is one of the primary distinguishing factors manufacturers use to differentiate their product offerings from competitors. It is the measurement that helps drive continuous improvement and helps you determine lead time requirements of your customers. OTD is also the main measurement that determines whether your supply […]

Tips for Improving Supply Chain Management

Inventory and boxes on shelves, supply chain

Supply chain management has two primary functions: managing the numbers and managing supplier relationships. Good relationships are nothing without accurate numbers, and accurate numbers are nothing without partners who want to work with you. So, what does successful supply chain management look like? Let’s start with strategy. Developing a supply chain management strategy document is […]

5 Benefits of Robotic Process Automation

Women with laptop, laptop says "RPA"

In the real world, not all business processes run smoothly and accurately. We want to help you change that with robotic process automation (RPA). RPA is all about smart allocation of resources. The “robot” in the term RPA is not a physical robot, but rather software tools that automate repetitive manual computing or business process […]

Case Study: Ripple Junction Sees Success

Ripple Junction,  a leading designer and developer of pop-culture licensed merchandise, started to experience severe growing pains in 2016. Before so-called pop-up stores were popular, Ripple Junction began selling T-shirts out of a van at a Grateful Dead concert in 1992. Almost three decades later, Ripple was experiencing exponential growth conducting business out of a […]

Improve Customer Service by Answering these Seemingly Simple Questions

The number one piece of advice we can give you to improve customer service is this: know your business, inside and out. Sounds easy, right? In most cases, not so much. Knowing your business means knowing everything about your business. The considerations can be overwhelming: what you need to build your product, your supplies, your […]

Reimagining the Global Supply Chain

Talent development supply chain

Recent disruptions in supply chains, caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, tariffs and ongoing trade disputes, have exposed the weaknesses and risks inherent in global supply chains. As a result, manufacturers are reexamining how they source, where they buy and how they manufacture. Many companies that utilize complex global supply chains are realizing that their least […]

Important Conversations to Have with Your Suppliers

Inventory and boxes on shelves, supply chain

We’ve been talking with many of our clients, and we know that, like you, they are tirelessly focused on their people and their business right now. You must have asked yourself the questions: Are my people safe? Have we supplied the right protective equipment and instructions? Who needs childcare help? Are we an essential business? […]

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