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Stories of Women in Leadership and the Path to Progress

April 27, 2022
- 1:00pm


Building on this year’s Women’s Month theme, Breaking the Bias, Clark Schaefer Hackett is hosting a webinar highlighting our female leaders and their individual journeys to success. In this panel discussion, you’ll meet 4 professionals who’ve successfully navigated obstacles and created their own path to advancement. Our discussion will touch on a variety of themes:

• Overcoming roadblocks and challenges to success
• The impact of parenting on one’s career journey
• Flexible schedules and unique work-life balance arrangements
• Mentors and other support systems

As our speakers share their insights, we hope you’ll glean some tangible steps you can take to be successful in your own career.

Our panelists:

Webinar Details​

April 27, 2022
12:00 PM
1:00 PM


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