Clark Schaefer Hackett Acquires Definity Partners


Cincinnati, OH – Oct. 4, 2018 – Clark Schaefer Hackett (CSH), a top 100 accounting and advisory firm, has acquired Definity Partners, a leading workforce development, training and technology firm with a proven record of increasing productivity, decreasing costs and reducing turnover for their clients using their proprietary Run Improve Grow® system.

The acquisition combines two complementary businesses into an expanded service offering, differentiating the traditional accounting firm model with new capabilities designed to meet the diverse needs of our clients.

“Our mission at Clark Schaefer Hackett is to make our clients’ lives better by removing obstacles to their success,” says CSH President Kerry Roe. “This new alliance with Definity Partners brings on board new solutions, new services, new expertise and new technology that enable us to deliver even more fully on that mission.”

CSH says the acquisition will deliver the comprehensive solutions necessary in today’s complex business environment. “Today, virtually any change a business makes in one area will have a ripple effect to others, so a holistic approach to business services is essential,” says Roe. “This deal brings the full scope of expertise in finance, strategy, technology, operations, sales and workforce development under one roof to enable that holistic approach.”

A leading business performance firm, Definity Partners has over 20 years and one million man-hours of experience driving business improvement and transformation. With 25 professionals located in West Chester, Ohio, Definity Partners is known for innovating processes for rapid improvement and business transformation initiatives integrating process improvement, workforce training, talent management, technology solutions, eCommerce and data analytics.

“Our best clients are moving beyond the tools-based approach for solutions to their most complex business challenges,” says Definity Partners Founder and Chief Innovation Officer Ray Attiyah. “For many years we have looked for the right partner — one with the capabilities, capacity and vision to help us accelerate the pace of innovation and develop more robust and deeply integrated solutions. Joining Clark Schaefer Hackett is a strategic move for Definity Partners — we are thrilled to join forces and extend the impact of Run Improve Grow to help companies solve their most complex challenges with new, bolder solutions.”

Definity Partners will operate as an extension of Clark Schaefer Hackett’s advisory services under the continued leadership of President and CEO Jim Barney and Founder and Chief Innovation Officer Ray Attiyah. “Jim and Ray have built a strong reputation for the firm based on a passion for helping clients achieve success — a passion we share at CSH,” says Roe. “As we collaborate to combine our expertise and resources, we anticipate going to market with an even more powerful complement of services to make our clients’ businesses better.”

To learn more about Definity Partner’s capabilities, visit their website.

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