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Maximizing Your Career Opportunity.

CSH MAX is a firmwide program designed to give everyone in the firm the best possible chance to succeed in their role. CSH MAX is unlike programs found at other CPA firms—because not every firm recognizes the value of encouraging an engaged, energetic workforce the way we do.

We invest in you at every stage of your career with specific resources for your current role, and support that prepares you for the next. We believe that success is contagious. We know that helping you achieve your goals today will motivate you to pursue even greater heights tomorrow.

Full-Circle Support

CSH MAX supports your entire professional progression, from CSH candidates and new hires to those at the height of their careers. All six areas of CSH MAX have been created with your development in mind.


We’ll do our best to show you how CSH is different, and why it might be the right place for you. But more importantly, we’ll get to know you and your career goals, so that we help you succeed in a role that fits.


We welcome you to the firm with a multi-day introduction. In addition to job-specific information and leadership development, we’ll provide you with details on our firm’s culture, values, policies and processes. If you’re in tax or assurance, you’ll go through extensive training on CSH software and procedures. You’ll also be paired with a CSH Buddy, who will show you the ropes and answer all your questions.

Performance Management

CSH provides targeted programs to help you track and improve your job performance.

Coaching – CSH MAX Coaching is designed to offer Staff and Seniors one-on-one support for your skill progression and career advancement. It’s the firm’s way of providing you relevant and helpful guidance – and feedback – from a professional who is a cheerleader for your growth and an advocate for your career.

Mentoring – The CSH MAX Mentoring Program is designed for Managers, and provides one year of guidance for your career goals, your professional development, and your personal growth. Your mentor is there to help you advance as a leader.

Professional Development

At CSH, you’ll have opportunities to develop your skills and knowledge to better serve your clients and progress in your career. The firm provides you with quick access to information about CPE, the CPA exam and other certifications.

Career progression models – We’ve outlined the skills required at every level of CSH, to eliminate the guesswork about what it takes to get promoted. You’ll know which skills you need to develop, and which training opportunities are right for you.

Leadership development – The firm offers leadership courses, materials and other resources at every level. Select CSH professionals participate in the CSH Leadership Academy, an intensive, two-year commitment that prepares the firm’s future leaders.

Employee Retention

It’s important to retain valued, experienced employees. CSH recognizes and rewards your good work, and offers an appealing workplace environment where you can learn, grow and thrive.

Succession Planning

Preparing the next generation of firm leaders is critical to our continued growth and success. If you’re interested in moving up the ladder, CSH will make sure that you understand how to climb every rung.

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