Financial Due Diligence

Deep experience enables us to understand key financial, operational and accounting issues.

Our deep experience working with clients in many industry segments enables us to understand the key financial, operational and accounting issues faced by similar organizations.

We utilize this knowledge as we conduct our due diligence analysis to deliver key insights into a potential acquisition target, or help a seller maximize value through reverse due diligence.

We use multidisciplinary teams of experienced consultants, tax experts, and accountants to create value by focusing on areas where you will see immediate benefits.

Our approach to conducting a transaction due diligence engagement includes the following procedures:

  • Quality of earnings review
  • Quality of gross margin and revenue trends and analysis
  • Balance sheet analysis
  • Income statement analysis
  • Analysis of commitments and contingencies
  • Inquiry regarding general operational issues

We focus on revenue stream sustainability, cost structure, and the strategic elements of operating the business. Once a transaction is negotiated to the point of a letter of intent, we will work with you to customize the procedures and approach to ensure that our report and supporting analysis meets your needs.


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For more information on sell-side or reverse due diligence, download our lite paper.

“This lite paper addresses how a business can conduct financial due diligence on itself, with an eye on understanding and enhancing value to prospective buyers. It is designed to be a general overview of the reverse due diligence process.”

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