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Your roadmap from firefighting to BOLD business growth.

What is Run Improve Grow?

Run Improve Grow is a proven methodology designed to help organizations move from a place of struggle to a place of joy and engagement—from mediocrity to true excellence.

RIG, or Run Improve Grow, is based on the sound business principle that your organization’s success is determined by where people spend their time. While your front line leaders are managing the daily RUN of the business, middle management should be focusing on proactive process IMPROVEments, freeing the executives to work on GROWth initiatives.

The implementation of Run Improve Grow results in organizations finally arriving at consistent, excellent performance, free of dramatic ups-and-downs.

The first part of the book, Run, describes how to use the principles of Run Improve Grow to build a solid – and simplified – foundation that focuses on excellence and empowers the front line to be fearless and take true ownership of essential day-to-day operations.

The second part, Improve, explains how to capitalize on the momentum created by the fearless front line to liberate the organization’s managers. It’s here that management systems, leadership styles and the entire mindset of the organization are transformed.

With a fearless front line, simplified management system and a new organizational attitude, an organization is ready to launch boldly into the Grow. The Grow stage outlines what the organization needs to do to make (then keep) bold promises, place (then win) bold bets and hire bold people. Senior managers are now free to pursue strategic innovations and new opportunities that will propel the company to greater relevancy, ever-higher levels of excellence and profitable growth.

Watch the videos below to learn more about each part of the Run Improve Grow methodology.

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Don’t Get Stuck in the Run

The first part of the Run Improve Grow system, Run, describes how to use Ray Attiyah’s field-tested principles to build a solid—and simplified—foundation that focuses on excellence and empowers the front line to take true ownership of essential day to day operations. A fearless, functional front line allows you to climb above the complexities of day-to-day operations and work on your business—not in your business.

Stop Firefighting and Start Improving

When you stop spinning your wheels, you will begin to notice positive changes happening all around you. The second part of the Run Improve Grow system, Improve, explains how to capitalize on the momentum created by your fearless front line to liberate your organization’s managers. With a fearless front line, a new organizational attitude, and managers who can spend time try-storming instead of firefighting, there’s no limit to what you can accomplish!

Grow Your Company to the Moon

The third part of the system, Grow, outlines what the organization needs to do to make (then keep) bold promises, place (then win) bold bets, and scout (then hire) bold people. When your front line is running and your middle management is improving, your senior managers are free to get bold, go big, and grow the business! It doesn’t stop there, however—the first round of Run Improve Grow is just the beginning!

See Run Improve Grow in-action at Ripple Junction

Ripple Junction started out as something to do in the summer, so the owner, Neil Hoynes, could pay his way to Grateful Dead concerts. Fast forward 30 years – Ripple started to grow quickly and realized they didn’t have the processes in place to support that growth.

“We had process improvement on our plan for 5 years – and never did it. It was important, but it wasn’t important. In 2016 it became urgent and important – literal tears at work. The workload was crushing,” explains Hoynes.

Listen in as the Ripple team tells their individual stories of growth and transformation. Hear how their ideas on culture, data, communication, and so much more needed to shift as they moved into the new era of growth.

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About the Author: Ray Attiyah

Ray Attiyah, Founder and Cheif Innovation Officer, Definity Partners, Clark Schaefer HackettRay Attiyah is the son of a math teacher and home maker, born second of 8 children. He learned the importance of responsibility and efficiency early in life when he was asked to manage the family checkbook and budget at the age of 7. In his family every interaction and experience was centered on education which fostered him to become a life-long learner. Ray is passionate about teaching/training, whether it is teaching his three young girls the principles of math or soccer, MBA students as an adjunct professor at Xavier University, or advising entrepreneurs about their start-ups.

Inspired by his desire to train and seek break through improvements Ray founded Definity Partners (formerly Midwest Manufacturing Solutions/MMS) in 1996 and is currently the Chief Innovation Officer. Ray is also an accomplished author having written several articles for various industry journals and having launched his first book in March of 2013 entitled The Fearless Front Line: The Key to Liberating Leaders to Improve and Grow Their Business. His book was later updated and reprinted under the title Run Improve Grow which defines his proven method of creating organizational excellence by developing people and driving improvement.

Ray received his Bachelor of Science in Industrial Engineering from Rutgers University and an MBA from Xavier University. He has extensive experience across functional areas and industries serving as an Industrial Engineer, Project Manager, Director of Operations, and Entrepreneur. Since founding his first company (Definity Partners) at the age of 26, Ray has gone on to start, acquire, and invest in 16 other businesses from manufacturing and publishing to e-commerce.

At each point in his career Ray has been focused on transformation – from transforming systems and processes at UPS with the growth of their overnight delivery, to transforming organizational culture to be effective and competitive with Johnson & Johnson as they transitioned into the Endoscopic market.

As Ray works with companies today he brings with him his own unique brand of consulting  and education emphasizing fearlessness through the front line while empowering all leaders to focus on improvement and growth.

“I invest in people, not ideas. I believe people you can’t motivate people. I believe they are already motivated. A leader’s role is to create an inspiring atmosphere. Leadership is not defined by title, but how you develop future leaders rather than creating more followers. Be you…be fearless.”  Ray Attiyah


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