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Operational Excellence

Achieve Transformational Results 

Operations is the engine that keeps your business humming. Every engine requires periodic inspection and maintenance, but sometimes, the engine needs a complete overhaul and upgrade to achieve increased speed or desired higher performance. 

CSH has highly skilled operations experts who can help you design an infrastructure for reliable, efficient processes while creating a culture of employee engagement through continuous improvement. From the back office to your supply chain and factory floor, we can help you transform your operations and achieve increased speed, quality and effectiveness to help you grow your business.


Business Process Improvement

We work with your team to identify excess steps, unnecessary approvals, exceptions and work-arounds in your business processes that create inefficiency, frustrate your team, and slow down your business. Then, we help reengineer, streamline and automate core processes so that your team can do their jobs faster, with less effort and less frustration.

Any business – in any industry – can benefit from employee-engaging process improvement initiatives, spanning diverse functional areas throughout your organization including:

  • Accounting & Finance
  • Operations & Facilities Management
  • Human Resources
  • Information Technology
  • Sales & Marketing
  • Customer Service
  • Research & Development
  • Sourcing & Procurement

Operations & Work Process Consulting

Our operations, supply chain and Lean manufacturing experts help streamline your operational and supply-side activities, spanning product development, production, logistics, warehousing, customer delivery, and everything in between. We not only focus on the physical flow of goods and materials, but also the flow of important data and information that can provide a critical competitive advantage to your organization. We can help with:

  • Operations Design & Space Improvement
  • Supply Chain Optimization
  • Inventory & Material Management
  • Sales & Operations Planning
  • Quality Systems

We go well beyond basic Lean implementation to deliver comprehensive, custom solutions that focus on cash flow enhancement and cost reduction, but also on sustainable, employee-inspiring results. Examples of client outcomes have included:

  • Operations & Executional Workflow
  • Capacity & Demand Planning
  • Process Simplification
  • Shop Floor Automation 
  • Improvements In: 
    • On-Time Delivery 
    • Production Capacity 
  • Measurable Results in: 
    • Aging Inventory & Overstock
    • Delivery & Production Delays
    • Inventory & Material Costs
    • Waste
    • Employee Turnover
    • Quality Control
    • Space Utilization
    • Labor Costs & Employee Turnover
    • Lead Time
    • Logistics & Transportation Costs

Business Transformation

Maybe you’re struggling to manage the growth you’ve achieved or maybe you need to kick-start slow or stalled growth. When your organization needs more than just a little fine tuning to meet your customers’ needs or business growth plans, our business transformation leaders will immerse themselves in your business, processes and teams to develop and help implement an action plan to help you achieve greatness.

At the center of our business transformation strategy is our proprietary Run Improve Grow™ methodology, which focuses on your people and how they spend their time and efforts. While your front-line leaders are managing the daily RUN of the business, middle management should be focusing on proactive IMPROVEments, freeing your leadership to work on GROWth initiatives and strategies.

To help you break out of the RUN, we will develop a multi-disciplined team of strategic business consultants who will take a holistic view of your business to uncover the key challenges limiting your team and your business. Our project managers, human resource professionals, software developers, data scientists and CPAs spend significant time inside your organization, identifying the improvements you must make to achieve the growth you desire.

Your people are the heart of our transformational solutions. We will work with your team to incorporate continuous learning and proactive improvement into company culture. We do this by helping to create an organizational culture and framework that allows employees to identify problems, come up with solutions and rapidly implement process or procedural changes that simplify, standardize, and/or automate your company’s operations. This creates a confident, energized and passionate team that not only sustains the improvements made but is capable of continuing to grow your business in the future.

Data and technology are often at the center of these initiatives. Collection, analysis and reporting of valuable business data can help provide your organization with the information it needs to make informed, data-driven decisions.

Run, Improve, Grow™ methodology

Data and technology are often at the center of these initiatives. Collection, analysis and reporting of valuable business data can help provide your organization with the information it needs to make informed, data-driven decisions.

Examples of our technology solutions include:

        • Data Analytics
        • Data Visualization
        • Customized Dashboards
        • Mobile App Development
        • Power BI
        • Process And Workflow Automation

Let's Innovate Together

Our operations services are highly customized. We’ll never suggest a solution without taking the time to understand your business, your people, your challenges and your goals. We’ll work with you on your biggest opportunities and together we’ll develop solutions that will help you and your business flourish and grow.


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