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20 years of developing leaders and driving transformative change gives us a pretty good sense of what great frontline leadership looks like.

New Behaviors. New Skills. New Confidence.

These educational opportunities support the development needs of your key leaders and their teams — from the frontline to executive staff. The single most important thing you can do to impact employee engagement and satisfaction is invest in their success.

Leadership & Development Programs

Upcoming Courses

July 2020

Fearless Leader 1: July 16-17

August 2020

Fearless Leader 1: August 13-14

September 2020

Fearless Leader 1: September 17-18

Lean Yellow Belt Certification: September 22

Fearless Leader 2: September 30
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October 2020

Fearless Leader 1: October 15-16

Fearless Leader 2: October 27
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November 2020

Lean Yellow Belt Certification: November 12

Fearless Leader 1: November 19-20

December 2020

Fearless Leader 1: December 17-18

Fearless Leader Level 1

Leadership is a skill that can be learned and refined. This program covers the nine fundamental leadership competencies that are essential to the success of your leaders and your organization. Focused on people, process, and performance this course will prepare your leaders (both old and new) with a clear direction and insight into understanding their effectiveness and success as a leader.

Do you have leaders (new or old) that need to:

  • Grow and develop their team?
  • Motivate employees and build trust within their teams?
  • Improve their ability to give and receive feedback?
  • Develop valuable communication skills?
  • Sharpen their leadership saw?

If you answered yes to any of the questions above, the Fearless Leader Course is a game-changer. Our unique “Hear it, See it, Do it” approach to training suits multiple learning styles, helps new ideas stick and lays the groundwork for new behavioral habits.

Questions? Call 513-381-7200 (option 2 for Education) to speak with one of our advisors.

Fearless Leader Level 2

The Fearless Leader Level 2 Course builds on the foundational elements of Level 1, diving deep into two critical People & Performance competencies: trust & high standards.

Following a brief refresher of the original nine Competencies of Fearless Leadership, you will further explore the Adaptive portion of the ARCH model, first introduced in Level 1. During this course you will also experience the DiSC behavioral assessment, which will not only heighten your self-awareness of your behavioral style but will also help you identify the styles of the team members around them. Finally, we will teach a new tool, the 10-80-10 Model. As a leader, this allows you to identify, manage, inspire and raise the bar of excellence for your entire team.

Questions? Call 513-381-7200 (option 2 for Education) to speak with one of our advisors.

Lean Yellow Belt Certification (Lean Simulation)

This one-day, interactive learning experience delivers a powerful introduction to fundamental lean principles through a unique teaching method which includes interactive classroom sessions and hands-on, critical thinking simulation exercises. Unlike any other course of its kind, our immersive and interactive learning experience delivers a powerful introduction to the Run Improve Grow® philosophy and key lean principles.

Learning Objectives:

  • Identify and minimize various forms of waste
  • Comprehend and apply a variety of lean tools
  • Understand how to reduce cycle and lead times
  • Demonstrate the requirements of developing cells through Kaizen
  • Explain the relationship between inventory and waste
  • Understand Run Improve Grow (Simplify the “run” of your business and capitalize on reactive improvements)

Designed for employees at all levels of your organization, the Lean Yellow Belt Certification blends unique, interactive classroom sessions with hands-on, critical thinking exercises.

Questions? Call 513-381-7200 (option 2 for Education) to speak with one of our advisors.

Lean Green Belt Certification Course

The Lean Green Belt Certification begins with 3-days of hands-on instruction giving students a working knowledge of lean tools that will eliminate waste, improve productivity & quality, and reduce lead times. In addition to learning how to charter a project and calculate payback, participants will also learn problem solving and keys to sustainment.

Following the 3-day course, each participant will have the opportunity to charter and execute a Lean Improvement Project for the final certification, utilizing the material and tools learned that are relevant to a problem or challenge they are currently facing. The experience of planning, executing and implementing a project on-site, at their company turns theory into action and maximizes the retention of the newly acquired knowledge. Additionally, coaching by results driven Definity Partners Project Manager provides 20 hours of individualized onsite support and guidance throughout the project. Project Managers will also be available by phone and email as needed.

Do your teams struggle with:

  • Making improvements independently?
  • Sustainability of improvements?
  • Solving problems together?

Upon earning the Lean Green Belt, participants will be prepared to lead company improvement teams to make a lasting impact on your business! Organizations can expect a 200% return on their investment from the single improvement project during Boot Camp and should expect continuous projects to occur with increased results. The Lean Green Belt Certification program focuses on a broad range of proven Lean Process Improvement Principles. Tools and techniques that will be taught and utilized include:

  • Elimination of Waste
  • Standardization
  • TPM
  • Measurements & Metrics
  • SMED
  • Problem Solving Techniques
  • Kanban
  • Value Stream Mapping
  • Kaizen
  • Pull Production

Course Objectives:

    1. Deepen understanding of the Run-Improve-Grow™ business method
    2. Develop and use effective project management skills
    3. Understand comprehensive Lean process capabilities
  1. Identify & eliminate waste on a deeper level
  2. Utilize effective measurement techniques
  3. Learn to scope a project and calculate ROI
  4. Sustain the return on investment

Who should attend?

  • Anyone who has received their Yellow Belt Certification

Designed for those who will be leading lean initiatives at the site level, this course will give participants a working knowledge of basic lean tools that will eliminate waste, improve productivity and quality, and reduce lead times.


“Definity’s solid reputation for instilling a lean-thinking culture was a perfect fit for developing our team.” Mike S, Plant Manager

F.A.S.T. Problem Solving

This workshop is a fun and interactive session that teaches a proven, simple and effective approach to problem solving that engages teams and achieves sustainable results.

What’s F.A.S.T Problem Solving?

Psychologists and business people alike have discovered that successful problem solvers tend to use the same approach to identify problems and implement solutions. The F.A.S.T. methodology to problem-solving is the key to move your teams from firefighting to proactive problem-solving. The process works for any kind of problem, large or small. Participants will learn to:

  • Find the Real Problem: Too often problems are brought up in broad terms. Have you ever heard, “My machine is old and runs too slowly, we need a new one.”  But what is the real problem?  Yes, the machine is old, but maybe the solution is to upgrade or replace a part. If no one is examining the issue, you could be missing out on solving a problem that could really make a difference in your daily work flow and may not be as costly as originally anticipated.
  • Assess for Root Cause: Most organizations either suffer from randomly selecting a cause for the problem (old machine needs replaced vs. replacing a part to fix it) or analysis paralysis (no one takes the time to figure it out, too much effort with seemingly little reward).
  • Select Potential Solutions: Frequently in businesses, decisions are made by the person with the highest rank but not necessarily the person closest to the problem. By finding consensus with everyone impacted, the team can move forward with a better resolution.
  • Trystorm New Approaches: Trystorming is a combination of brainstorming melded with rapid prototyping to determine if ideas will work quickly or not.

In addition, this course also introduces participants to the powerful Run Improve Grow® philosophy, that is a model for continuous improvement that stimulates a culture of consistent growth and innovation. Organizations who master the Run, can begin to Improve, and through bold leadership watch themselves Grow.

Our Approach

A dynamic curriculum suits multiple learning styles and reinforces learning through classroom sessions, hands-on activities, breakout sessions, and immediate application in our learning lab and onsite live manufacturing facility.

Leadership training content balances the basics of process improvement with the people development skills that are critical to making improvements last.

Outstanding leadership requires confidence and skill in three key areas: people, process, and performance.


Understands and practices trust building behaviors
Gives high quality feedback and recognition
Develops the talents and skills of their team.


Recognizes, enforces, and drives a proactive safety mindset
Sees “work” as interdependent processes, recognizes waste, and drives process improvement
Effectively communicates by leading improvement-oriented daily huddles


Sets and delivers on high expectations and standards
Coaches to create an empowered team
Leads calmly, decisively, and with confidence in challenging situations

Four Environments | Four Learning Styles


Our lectures are never just lectures. The primary teaching area lays the groundwork for skills that we practice through simulations and group activities. This space is also regularly used for private meetings and offsite events for our clients and partners.

Learning Lab

There is a limit to how much you can learn while sitting in a classroom environment, particularly when you’re used to spending most of the day on your feet in a highly dynamic environment. In addition to our classroom space we have a flexible corner of the Upside Innovation facility reserved for group activities and production simulations.

Live Manufacturing Facility

Separated from the classroom by just a few steps and a door is a live manufacturing operation. Our partnership with aluminum ramp manufacturer Upside Innovations brings hands-on learning to a whole new level.

On-Site At Your Facility

Delivering the in-context training and bringing hands-on components of our training into actual employee work areas accelerates both understanding and impact. We have delivered the full range of our workforce development programs at client sites across the globe. Clients appreciate the opportunity to invest in their people and build a common language and skill set, all while minimizing time off the floor.

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