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How to Build and Implement Effective Incident Response Strategies

August 22, 2019
- 2:00pm

Please note CPE is only available for live webinars. CPE is not available for webinars on demand.

When reputation, revenue, and customer trust are at risk, it is critical that an organization is able to swiftly identify and respond to a security breach. With a well-designed incident response plan (IRP), companies can mitigate the impact of a cyberattack. In our upcoming webinar, we will provide practical guidance and discuss strategies to effectively manage an incident response event.

Learning Objectives:

  • What defines a breach?
  • The roles and responsibilities of the security team
  • Tools for managing a breach
  • Steps to address a security incident
  • How the incident will be investigated and communicated
  • The notification requirements following a data breach

CPE: 1 Credit Hour

Who should attend: CIOs, CISOs, Incident Response Managers and Analysts, Business Continuity Managers and Analysts, and Disaster Recovery Managers and Analysts.

Webinar Details‚Äč

August 22, 2019
1:00 PM
2:00 PM


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