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5 Minutes to Growth Podcast:
Engage Your Remote Team

September 10, 2020

In today’s episode we’re talking about how to engage your remote team in this new work environment many people are experiencing. Our guest is Beth Harvey, a strategic talent management consultant with the firm.

Podcast Show Notes:

1. For many people, working from home poses challenges, particularly for those people that thrive off the social interactions that working in an office provides. Can you describe some of the challenges or issues that some workers face while working remotely?

There are actually a great number of challenges that workers who normally are in the office are forced to work remotely – there are technology challenges, location challenges, work/life balance challenges, and productivity challenges. No two people share the exact same challenges but the biggest challenge I see is from not physically seeing and being connected to other team member, which leads to feeling isolated and demotivated.

2. What are your top three tips to help your remote team stay engaged?

Tip 1: Start implementing non work conversation and meetings. With the workers at home feeling isolated and possibly demotivated, it is important to set up daily times for virtual meetings to connect with your workers. This could be an open hour every day for anyone on the team to join or it could be scheduled meetings with no work agenda. At first you may say “we don’t have time for that” but if you think about the amount of time you get out of your office to go to the bathroom, get a drink, or something to eat when you’re in the office – chances are you are stopping and connecting with someone.

Tip 2: Have structured team meetings more often than you were before, at a time that is convenient for each team member, and using video. It is important to have meeting more often than before so that each person feels connected. The meeting should be at a time that is most convenient with each person since their home life has also been disrupted and through video to capitalize on that connection.

Tip 3: Try having daily or every other day 15-30 minute conversations to ensure that the team is connected to each other and that if someone needs help or assistance or has a light day, there is support.

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