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A Plea to Ohio’s Manufacturers

April 3, 2020

“If you are a manufacturer, we need your help. We need your help right now.” These were the words of Ohio Governor Mike DeWine this week, calling on manufacturers with the “potential, capability and competency” to produce greatly needed Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and related materials in order to better prepare the state for the anticipated surge in COVID-19 cases.

Ohio Manufacturing Alliance to Fight COVID-19

Governor DeWine also announced the launch of RepurposingProject.com as a resource for those manufacturers that think they have the capacity and expertise to participate. This site includes a COVID-19 Critical Supply List of the products and equipment that are in greatest need, an explanation of the resources that have been assembled at the state level that are available to assist you, and a survey to be completed by manufacturers that have the capability to respond.

We know that many of our manufacturing clients would like to support the Governor’s plea – or similar pleas by the states of Kentucky, Indiana and Michigan – but may are uncertain about their business’s capacity or capability to manufacture this critical equipment. We can assist. Our advisors can help you evaluate supply chain needs and connect you to valuable resources. Please fill out this brief form to start a conversation.

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