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Empower your company through business intelligence

July 20, 2020


These are tough times for many businesses still reeling from the economic upheaval brought on by Covid-19. While the future of the pandemic may be uncertain, one thing is for sure: the time is now for insightful data analytics and smart decision making. But to get there, you need to harness the power of business intelligence to turn your company’s data into insights that help you thrive.

Business intelligence empowers organizations to be agile and competitive. But as businesses grow, it becomes increasingly difficult to manage the volume of data being generated. Additionally, small to midsize businesses may not have the resources to implement a robust business intelligence process. This creates barriers for enterprises seeking to make data-driven decisions. In addition, data is often spread across disparate databases, files and web platforms, creating a biased reporting structure where key leaders are forced to make decisions based on incomplete data.

Fortunately, there is a low-cost way to remove these barriers—Microsoft Power BI, a suite of cloud-based business analytics tools that gives you a 360-degree view of your most important data. It’s flexible, easily accessible, and most importantly, costs a fraction of what other business intelligence solutions cost. Here are six key benefits of using Power BI:


  • Seamless integration. Power BI integrates easily with your existing business environment, allowing you to quickly adopt analytics and reporting capabilities.
  • Personalized dashboards. One of the best features of Power BI is the robust dashboards customized to your exact needs. You can easily embed your dashboards and reports in other applications to provide a seamless user experience. (Get a free dashboard consultation.)
  • Secure reports. With Power BI, you can automatically implement data-refresh capabilities. This makes it easy to publish reports leveraging the latest information.
  • No memory and speed constraints. Power BI is cloud based. This eliminates memory and speed constraints, ensuring data is quickly retrieved and analyzed.
  • No specialized support required. Power BI provides agile inquiry and analysis without the need for specialized technical support.
  • Rapid business intelligence. Power BI allows you to quickly transform raw data into rich visuals that enhance decision making.

Our Power BI consultants deliver dynamic solutions that help transform your data into business insights. We are offering a complimentary, customized Power BI dashboard to get you started. Are you ready to transform your data?

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