Overcoming Cybersecurity Obstacles Within Your Organization

It’s in the news nearly every week: another company falls victim to a security breach. From Equifax to Marriott to DoorDash, breaches are happening across industries and affecting millions of consumers. Retail, healthcare, financial services, and manufacturing industries are especially vulnerable, but smaller organizations like government municipalities and hospitals are also common targets.

As someone with access to your organization’s most sensitive data, you have a responsibility to actively protect your customers and employees. We’ve seen the negative impact to companies’ bottom lines when cybersecurity is ignored or minimized. It’s time to move from worry to action.

Cybersecurity is complex and can present many obstacles for those trying to implement new organizational practices. The examples below illustrate the various ways we’ve helped our clients overcome these obstacles to keep their data safe and secure.

International Equipment Manufacturer Gets Secure with a Virtual CISO

A client sought to add a Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) to their full-time staff to guide them toward effective cybersecurity practices. Internal expertise was lacking, however, and budgetary constraints prevented an additional C-suite hire.

Clark Schaefer Consulting offered a creative solution, providing the client with a Virtual Chief Information Security Officer (vCISO). The vCISO provided security advisory services that were cost effective and helped the client mitigate financial, competitive and reputational risk.

National Equipment Manufacturer Identifies Gaps in Security & Empowers Employees to Help

A client needed a wholescale audit of their security practices to identify vulnerabilities and create a plan for reducing potential risk. They also wanted their employees to be more informed about their own security liabilities and how they could contribute to keeping the organization more secure.

In addition to performing vulnerability scanning, Clark Schaefer Consulting developed a custom training curriculum for the client’s employees. Our experts delivered in-person training that taught employees how to identify and respond to malicious emails, spam and phishing attempts.

Multi-State Telecommunications Provider Gains External Validation for Information Security Practices

A client already had a robust internal information security program, including teams dedicated to patch and vulnerability management. The security team, however, had difficulty gaining buy-in from the organization; departments recognized risks, but were slow to act on remediation suggestions.

Clark Schaefer Consulting helped the client’s Information Security team scope, plan and execute risk mitigation strategies, including security assessments and penetration testing. Our external validation of the organization’s security efforts clarified for slower-moving departments the value and need to improve the organization’s remediation timelines.

Your organization isn’t alone in the fight against hackers. You don’t need to know everything about cybersecurity—you just need to know whom to ask for help. Contact Clark Schaefer Consulting today and we can get started on your Cybersecurity Action Plan.

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