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Proven Methods to Straighten Up Your Security Posture

November 8, 2019


Is it time to take another look at your security posture? Understanding the resources and strategies available to protect against modern attacks makes IT security less foe and more friend. In terms of strategies, IT audits are always a good place to start.

As stressful as a data breach can be, however, an IT security audit can also create stress within your organization—especially for those who feel they have less IT expertise. It’s impossible to prevent every attack, but you can help ensure that your security environment can quickly detect IT security concerns and react to them in a timely and efficient manner.

Clark Schaefer Consulting offers a variety of auditing services that can help straighten up your security posture.

IT Audit & Cybersecurity HealthCheck

In 2018, hackers stole half a billion personal records (1). This statistic highlights the risk—our Cybersecurity HealthCheck provides an efficient, cost-conscious way to evaluate the readiness of your IT security programs to mitigate those risks.

Our HealthCheck helps business leaders answer questions like, “Could we be hacked next?” and “Are we getting the best return on the money we invest in IT security?” We advise you to conduct vulnerability scanning, penetration testing and social engineering tests that will help verify your cyber defenses are in place and working effectively.

As well, you would be prudent to conduct third-party risk management to understand your inherent risks, and ensure that your partners are not introducing unnecessary risks to your environment.

Cloud Access Security Audit

Most companies take nearly six months to detect a data breach, even a major breach (2). If you’re operating in the cloud environment, or are considering it, you should evaluate your overall security strategy and data management plan.

Our team can test your cloud service usage, cloud risk and compliance with enterprise security policies. Our primary focus would be on data security, identity management of users, mitigation of risk, third-party support and asset management/protection.

Crisis Management Audit

More than 77% of organizations do not have a cybersecurity incident response plan (3). Are you one of them? A good cybersecurity plan includes crisis management governance, such as policies and a communication plan; formal risk assessments, including business impact analyses that align IT risks with business risks; and a crisis test plan, including probability of occurrence and appropriateness of response.

Data Privacy Audit

About 95% of cybersecurity breaches are due to human error (4). IT auditors can play an integral role in fostering data privacy and providing assurance over a company’s information systems, compliance expectations and emerging technologies.

These audits evaluate data governance for privacy, confidentiality and compliance to determine whether effective data management exists. We advise clients to review controls around data access, third-party management of data, incident management practices and the movement of your data among other areas.

How to Get Started

Clark Schaefer Consulting is ready to help with your cybersecurity needs, from auditing your existing practices to creating new strategies to secure your future. Contact us if you’re ready to join the organizations that are best prepared to defend against cyberattacks.

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