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As a public entity, your organization is often faced with difficult decisions when it comes to resource allocation. Making the most of personnel resources requires careful planning with an eye on future human resources development. Unfortunately, strategic HR often takes a backseat to more pressing issues and management techniques that are not necessarily effective. But make no mistake – leadership planning is a key component to any successful HR strategy. Join CSH’s Peter Olmsted and Brad Billet for our upcoming webinar to learn some straightforward ways that HR leaders and public organizations can be more strategic.

Learn How To:
• Act strategically with respect to talent management
• Discover the basic components of an HR Strategic Plan
• Free up your leaders by empowering your frontline team

Presented by:

Peter Olmsted
Director of Executive Search and HR Services

Peter’s experience includes leading the global HR division of a $6 billion company in 29 countries and running his own executive search firm. Peter helps clients grow their business by solving complex talent management problems. He works to build deep relationships with his clients by learning their business inside and out. Peter provides systemic talent solutions to the HR challenges faced by clients. Peter’s vast work experience enables him to problem solve a wide variety of HR issues including high turnover, leadership development, and culture transformation.


Webinar Details

Date & Time

April 23, 2019 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM


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