Healthy Heroes

In 2018 we celebrated our 80th anniversary by giving back to the heroes who serve our communities. In total we’ve raised more than $97,000, installed 8 units in firehouses across 5 cities, with three more installations still pending. Thank you to everyone who contributed to this outstanding result.

Columbus, OH

Ft. Mitchell, KY

Cleveland, OH

“As a retired Firefighter I wish to thank your entire company for their vision, compassion, and just plain hard work to find a way to not only acknowledge the brave men and women of the service, but to help save their lives.”

Jim Fitzpatrick
Decon Systems for Fire Departments
Retired Firefighter

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Local Support from Future Health Professionals

Achieving our goal and raising awareness about our Healthy Heroes campaign was made possible by the amazing support we received from our communities. One group of young people in particular dedicated their entire school year to doing the same.

The Health Occupational Students of America (HOSA) group from Harrison High School partnered with us to raise awareness in their community to combat firefighter cancer. In total, the HOSA students raised more than $1,000 for the cause by wrapping gifts during the holidays, hosting events at local restaurants and selling custom t-shirts. We were even able to use the group’s efforts to inspire two donors to match their contribution, bringing HOSA’s fundraising total to $2,000!

We truly appreciate their efforts and extend our sincerest thanks for helping firefighters and first responders have access to life saving technology.

Risk Reduction

Masks and other protective gear help, but smoke and soot will still permeate gaps in the gear, so removing these contaminants from any exposed areas of skin as soon as possible after the fire is essential.

Wiping down with cleaning cloths or taking showers can help remove surface grime. But what about the toxins that have already been absorbed while battling the fire? The body’s natural detoxification process – sweat – can help to purge the carcinogens. Studies out of the University of Alberta in 2011 showed that nine toxic metals, including lead, aluminum, and cadmium are removed 10 times more efficiently via sweat than other natural ways.

Toxin-Free Medical Grade Infrared Saunas

To help firefighters expel these toxins faster, fire stations in the U.S. and Canada have started to incorporate sauna decontamination units in their post-fire routines. Many are using “cycle saunas” that incorporate exercise and heat to promote faster, more efficient sweating to get the toxins out of the body as quickly as possible.

Decon Systems has designed toxin-free medical grade infrared saunas specifically for this purpose. Firefighters can ride a spin-bike inside the warm infrared environment and sweat quickly and profusely without raising their core body temperature.

These decontamination units are effective, but at approximately $10,000 for some units, these are often too expensive for fire stations to fit into their budgets.  But thanks to the generous support from our communities, CSH was able to install 8 units across Ohio and Northern Kentucky.