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CMMC Compliance: Everything You Need to Know Now

October 25, 2023
- 1:00pm


Please note: CPE was only available for the live version of this event. CPE is not available for webinars on demand.

In this webinar, the experts at Clark Schaefer Consulting (a Registered Practitioner Organization), will share their expertise and cover the things you need to know now to avoid costly issues in the future. Hear from Serge Kikonda (Registered Practioner, Advanced) and Bishop Rock (Registered Practioner) as they discuss the questions and concerns they hear every day. This discussion will be moderated by cybersecurity expert Carly Devlin.

Our experts will:

  • Provide an overall understanding of CMMC
  • Pinpoint which entities are required to comply
  • Detail the upcoming CMMC milestones
  • Discuss laying the groundwork for your compliance
  • Explain the workings of a CMMC assessment

The panel will end by taking your questions and laying out next steps for the immediate future.

Webinar Details‚Äč

October 25, 2023
12:00 PM
1:00 PM


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