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US Healthcare – Understanding the Elephant in the Room

August 24, 2017
- 2:00pm


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Presented by: Rich Thompson

Whether you’re a college student, an unemployed single parent, a business owner, or a physician, healthcare has a role in your life and that role is very likely going to get larger as time passes. The cost of healthcare, given its prominence in both State and Federal budgets really has become the elephant in the room for many of us. Even more troubling, this particular elephant is constantly changing, easily agitated and prone to creating heated debates.

This presentation will take a look at healthcare in the United States and the risks it presents to medical providers, managed care organizations, business owners, and taxpayers. While this presentation won’t remove the elephant from the room, it will provide guidance for you and your company to minimize its impact.

Webinar Details​

August 24, 2017
1:00 PM
2:00 PM


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