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Why NFPs Should Make Cybersecurity a 2022 Priority

February 3, 2022
- 1:00pm



As nonprofits look to the year ahead, they would be remiss to ignore a few of the events from last year: cyberattacks affecting large companies, government organizations, public schools, and nonprofits.

Hackers don’t have to attack your nonprofit directly, as seen in the attack on Kaseya, an IT software provider. When Kaseya was attacked, so were all of its clients, including many small businesses and nonprofits.

So, how can you protect your organization from these threats? In addition to using third-party software, nonprofits can also be exposed to cyberattacks if they:

  • Conduct e-commerce on a website, such as processing donations or event registrations
  • Store and/or transfer personally identifiable information
  • Collect information on preferences and habits of donors, patrons, newsletter subscribers, or others

Webinar Details​

February 3, 2022
12:00 PM
1:00 PM


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