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5 Minutes to Growth Podcast: Productivity While Working Remotely

September 10, 2020

In this podcast, we’re talking with Beth Harvey, strategic talent management consultant at CSH, about productivity while working remotely. She shares tips and tricks to help with this new normal.

Podcast Show Notes:

1. Many employees love the freedom and flexibility that comes from working remotely, but many employers worry whether they’re getting the same amount of productivity from their remote workers. What has been your experience? Can remote workers be as productive as those working in an office?

Yes, workers can be and probably are a lot more productive at home than in the office for different reason. I think one of the biggest reasons is the stigma that people who are working from home are goofing off so workers tend to put in more hours and get more done to ensure they are being seen as needed, professional, and attentive.

2. What tips do you have for remote workers to help them remain productive in a remote work environment?

First, we need to expect and accept distractions from our home and our coworkers’ homes! Within the last 6 months we have learned that even with a separate office, kids at the sitter, and a strong cup of coffee life goes on outside of our house. When we can accept that these are no longer interruptions in our day and accept them as part of our day, it allows us to be better workers and coworkers.

We should also expect that if we are on a call with a coworker or client that there may be a child crying in the background since the child can not attend school or go to day care, or that the call may go in and out since wi-fi is touch and go in certain areas. By now, many people have been working from for months so hopefully they have learned a new routine.

Another important element of staying productive is to get ready for our workday. This means changing out of our pajamas and washing our face, brushing our teeth. Dressing for what you day bring allows any last-minute video calls to be less stressful but also to put us in the correct head space for our work day.

Lastly, get out of the house! Make sure you get exercise and fresh air – it’s so important for our mental health!

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