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Accounting, Audit & Assurance

We offer accounting services that allow you to build a solid financial foundation, make smarter decisions and improve your organization’s performance.


Strengthen Your Accounting Practice.

CSH advisors can assist you with a wide variety of accounting tasks as your organization grows. We can help with everything from choosing the right accounting software to regulatory reporting and forecasting for your future endeavors.

Accounting Process Improvement

Our consultants can help improve the efficiency and effectiveness of your accounting processes. By understanding your goals, current financial processes and systems, we can identify gaps and recommend the best ways to implement needed changes.

Audit Data Analytics

Many organizations struggle with fully integrating data analytics throughout their internal audit process.

Our consultants can:

  • Develop a data analytics strategy with defined goals, measurable objectives and potential solutions
  • Assist with the implementation of your data analytics program
  • Identify how to best apply data analytics in each phase of your internal audit process
  • Provide training and knowledge transfer for your team

Accounting Software Selection

Changing your accounting software doesn’t have to be overwhelming. Whether the goal is to increase efficiencies, reduce costs, strengthen controls or just stay current with technology trends, we can help you navigate the change and implement the best solution.

Forensic & Economic Damages Analysis

Although the media covers only the most sensational examples of fraud, most incidents happen at small-to-mid-sized organizations – even not-for-profits.

Digital forensics and e-discovery methods are crucial, not only in proving a case but also in proactively identifying potential risk areas for fraudulent activity. Our certified fraud examiners and forensic audit specialists analyze large data sets, looking for inconsistencies and ferreting out dishonest employees.

Documentation & Governance

Updating policies and procedures is time-consuming and challenging. Our consultants can help you review, revise and create well-designed policies and procedures that keep your organization compliant, accountable and consistent.

Cost Accounting

Do you ever wonder which products, lines, services, locations and customers are the most and least profitable for your company? We can determine the cost driver and allocation methods that uncover true costs, so you can focus on the products, lines and services that maximize profitability.

While we can’t predict the future, our cost accounting experts can give you peace of mind that you’re making the best decision for your business.

Audit & Assurance

Provide Clarity & Ensure Accuracy.

Whether you need someone to review your current tax processes, guide you through a tax dispute or help you apply for federal tax credits, our CPAs and advisors are here to offer solutions tailored to your needs. Let us help you maximize your opportunities. 

Financial Statement Audits

Receive a thorough examination of your financial statements, including an investigation of internal controls and testing of accounting records.

Financial Statement Reviews

Inquiries and analysis to provide limited assurance of your organization’s financial statements.

Agreed-Upon Procedures

A report of findings on a specific element of a financial statement, contractual obligation or regulatory requirement.

Financial Statement Compilations

Formatting your financial data to conform with generally accepted accounting principles (GAAP).

HUD Audits

Program-specific audits of entities participating in the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development programs.

International Assurance

You’ll face obstacles when pursuing international business opportunities. Our advisors have years of global experience to help you achieve your goals and overcome difficulties. From navigating legal issues to complying with foreign reporting standards, we can assist with:

  • Conversion to U.S. GAAP from IFRS & other non-U.S. GAAP standards
  • Reconciling & assessing auditing procedures performed under non-U.S. standards
  • Coordinating, supervising & evaluating the work of local in-country auditors
  • Foreign subsidiary & joint venture consulting
  • Foreign currency translation
  • Acquisitions, mergers & divestitures

Employee Benefit Plans

The more plans a firm audits, the fewer deficiencies that are found. Our numbers speak for themselves: We audit approximately 400 plans a year and have 0 deficiencies. A poorly executed audit increases the risk of penalties, and we help our clients reduce that risk.

We audit defined contribution and benefit plans, 401(k)s, health plans, 11-Ks, and more. 

Risk & Controls

Holistic Approach to Internal Controls.

To help organizations withstand increased scrutiny, we provide a comprehensive financial, operational and compliance auditing approach. From analytics and training, to regulatory compliance and cybersecurity, we help you manage and reduce risk.

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