Covid-19: Business Recovery & Acceleration Resources

During this unprecedented time, count on us to help you mitigate the inevitable financial effects of the Covid-19 pandemic. Within this resource center, you will find valuable guidance, access to expert advisors and relevant solutions designed to help you recover and thrive.

Recovery Services

Tap into Government Funding

Whether at the national, state or local level, our Government Funding Advisors can help you understand what funding is available and assist you in the application process.

Tax Relief

The volume and complexity of recent legislation can be overwhelming to navigate. Our advisors can help you identify new opportunities for tax savings or credits available to you.

Covid-19 Guidance


Response Team


Have a questions or need help? Reach out to our response team.

Phil Hurak, Shareholder, Clark Schaefer Hackett

Phil Hurak, JD

Government Funding Advisory
[email protected]

Kevin Dehner, Shareholder, Clark Schaefer Hackett

Kevin Dehner, CPA

Government Funding Advisory – Tax
[email protected]


Tony Schweier, CPA

Government Funding Advisory – Tax
[email protected]

Devlin Carly

Carly Devlin, CISA, CISSP

Information & Cybersecurity Solutions
[email protected]

Glenn Plunkett, Definity Partners

Glenn Plunkett

Technology Solutions
[email protected]

Peter Olmsted, Director Executive Talent Solutions, Clark Schaefer Hackett

Peter Olmsted

Workforce Solutions
[email protected]

David Mills, Definity Partners

Dave Mills

Operations & Supply Chain Solutions
[email protected]

Business Continuity: Areas of Expertise

Financial Stability

Have you adjusted your forecast based on the current economic conditions? Have you considered multiple scenarios that pinpoint when critical action is necessary? Perhaps you need assistance demonstrating your loss. Our financial professionals can lead you through these challenging times.

Workforce Optimization

We can help you align business and workforce planning to current economic conditions. Whether you’re looking to reallocate your staffing resources, mitigate disruptions to productivity or reduce your workforce without diminishing future opportunities, we have the expertise.

Technology and Cybersecurity

The shift to a remote environment creates new risks, challenges and threats. We’ll help you identify where increased liability exists, and any potential data security issues that could result. We can also augment your staff with technology professionals as a dedicated resource or on a per-project basis.

Supply Chain Optimization

Focusing on financial and workforce issues is key, but you also need to mitigate the potential for domestic and international supply chain breakdowns. We can help you identify critical risks and prepare back-up plans so you can keep production moving.

Business Continuity Planning

Together we’ll evaluate issues related to infrastructure, workforce, technology, supply chains, information systems and more so you can keep serving customers through natural disasters or economic crises. Whether you need to create a plan or evaluate the strength of an existing one, we can help.

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